IOTA (MIOTA) is one of the very few coins operating in an environment that’s not blockchain. Even with this, the coin is still doing very well in the market. But the developers of the coin are heading into the next stage of the project.  The coin is well recognized in DLT operations, and there are plans already put in place to make it the head in DLT.  There is large uncertainty on whether the market will be heading upwards or downwards. But it’s expected to pick up momentum in future because of Tangle’s technological potential as well as their new partnership.

What does Distributed ledger technology (DLT) and MIOTA have in common?

When Bitcoin was introduced into the market as the foremost decentralized blockchain based currency, Distributed ledger tech (DLT) was introduced almost immediately.  But Bitcoin, even though it was the first to come on board, had its issues. A lot of investors believed Bitcoin had privacy issues. That is, Bitcoin did not provide enough privacy as was the original plan of the developers. With the need for privacy in operations, DLT was introduced to bridge the gap. This was a nice move that paved the way for the introduction of MIOTA as well as its block-less network known as Tangle.

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MIOTA’s collaboration with Rolf Werner

It was a great idea by the developers of MIOTA to try and partner with Rolf Werner. The main responsibility of Rolf Werner is to control the operation of MIOTA’s other operating zones in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.   Did this partnership pay off?   Yes, it definitely did.

The move has made MIOTA more popular across these operating regions, which has surely increased its overall value.  Apart from this, the company has actually made an impact previously by welcoming Volkswagen’s CDO, Mr. Johann Jungwirth, into the board.  MIOTA does not have blockchain applications yet, but there are serious ongoing plan to make this possible by the end of the year.  The developers further explained that MIOTA is not just a machine to machine payment system, but it offers more features that make MIOTA a unique decentralized technology.

With the above in mind, it’s quite possible to see MIOTA develop further both in market value and in technical sense.

Value of MIOTA and market indications

With the impact of the latest partnership not yet seen, as well as other positive market indices, the coin is expected to rise further than the current value.


It has gone up against the BTC and the dollar in the recent past. This means that all negative market indices may not be correlated to the growth of the coin. Surely, that’s good news for investors who want to use it to hedge against dollar and BTC.

MIOTA went up a record level of $5 in December 2017. Although this level has since gone down due to a market dip, the coin has been well positioned to start taking a leap towards that value before the turn of the year.  As the expectations from investors are high, there are strong indications that the coin may be able to bounce back to its former highest value of $5 and even go beyond.   Now will certainly be a good time to make a good investment on the coin, based on the current market events and other positive factors surrounding the coin at the moment.

Going back to top global cryptocurrencies

It’s no news that MIOTA has actually bounced back to being one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world today. This shows that the coin has really made a tremendous progress in recent weeks.   The new partnership has been helpful in a lot of ways. It has reignited people’s interest in the coin and made it more popular as one of the most stable coins for investment.  MIOTA is currently partnering with Mobi in order to make the coin more relevant and secure to trade.

Although the latest market crash that pummeled so many coins brought its own side effect on the coin, MIOTA has since bounced back from the crash. Currently, the coin is on its course to regain that value it once had at the end of 2017.

MIOTA has not really performed badly in the last two months. Investors who have been able to look critically at the market situation would have expected more setbacks for the coin. But it still managed to get back to the top and collected about 120% gain even with the market turmoil. It is this stability, despite challenges that gives investors strong confidence that the coin will be able to do very well in the coming months.

Although volatility is still expected at some point, MIOTA has been well positioned to stand the strong weather and come out of it stronger, just like it did in February and March.

This recent leap was seen by investors as a result of MIOTA recent partnership with Mobi as well been recently listed on two major exchanges.  MIOTA was one of the very few cryptocurrencies that traded in the green within the week. With all these indications, investors are having strong faith that the coin will do even much better in the coming weeks and months, as long as the market remains considerably steady.

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