• allows bloggers to receive payments in MIOTA cryptocurrency
  • The plugin is open-source in nature
  • Bitvolo crypto gateway allows bloggers to receive payments in XLM, Nano, XRP

A WordPress plugin developed by programmers Dan Darden, Laszlo Molnarfi, and Lacicloud allows bloggers to accept payments in MIOTA for their website. The plug-in, named enables blog owners to receive payments in the IOTA cryptocurrency.

The plug-in is compatible with the popular WordPress security add-on, named WordFence. WordFence is the go-to plugin for all WP bloggers to secure their websites from hack and spam attacks. The plugin regularly alerts the website owners of possible security threats and breaches.

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With regard to PayIOTA’s compatibility with WordFence, the post reads in part:

“The IPN triggers a rule in WordFence. There is an untested compatibility patch, but you must whitelist (either IPV4 + IPV6 or domain) in WordFence. If you can remove the ‘POST without User-Agent/Referer’ rule or disable ‘WordFence advanced blocking’, which works too.”

The plugin allows invoices to last for a maximum of one week’s time. In case the user wants to update their invoice later on, they can issue the same with the “update” API call. allows its users the option to use currencies other than the US dollar. For this, users would need to add the 3 letter currency code in the plugin’s currency settings. Users should also make sure to change their WooCommerce currency settings to ensure that changes take place effectively.

Notably, the plugin is open source in nature, which leaves the scope open for continual improvement reiterations of the same in future.

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