District Judge Barney McElholm granted anonymity to a 34-year-old darknet drug buyer. According to the court, the Derry area man ordered drugs from the darknet and had resold them near to where he lived. Numerous factors contributed to the judge’s decision to keep the case under wraps, one of which was that the dealer’s life could be in danger since he deliberately targeted “vulnerable young women” as his preferred clientèle.

The man’s charges date back to 2007. Back then, according to the prosecutor, police began to suspect the man for selling drugs and fraudulently supplying “chipped boxes capable of accessing satellite TV.” In addition to the drug charges, the TV-related activities led to several fraud charges. He faces possession and distribution charges connected to the marijuana, cocaine, and alprazolam.

A Royal Mail employee intercepted a package from England, addressed to the 34-year-old suspect, that had contained 500 Xanax pills. The police received warrants for the man’s property and the property of a suspected female accomplice. And the subsequent raid(s) proved as useful as police could have hoped.

Officers found a mobile phone, a tablet, drug paraphernalia, and various pieces of drug packaging material. The man refused to give investigators the PINs required to access the devices, but the police were able to pull data from the devices without the PIN. According to an officer’s testimony, the tablet contained evidence that the suspect had an “extensive knowledge of the Dark Web, computer programs and technology.”

The interesting information came from the man’s Facebook messages. He allegedly arranged his deals through Facebook and kept the messages. An officer said that many of the messages were to young women who used drugs. The suspect offered drugs in trade for a woman’s company. One of the officers who had viewed the messages explained that they were of a romantic or sexual nature.

“Love you junior, want to make a stack of money together?” he asked of a young woman who had just lost her mother if she wanted to work with him to sell Xanax and other drugs. He spoke with some of his female clients about keeping their personal relationship and business relationship completely compartmentalized.

Since the arrest, the 34-year-old received several death threats, according to the officer who saw the Facebook messages. The officer reported that he could not verify if the threats were anything more than verbal threats, but acknowledged that the threats existed and that keeping the suspect’s name from the media would be in the court’s best interest, along with the interest of the suspect.

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