With the ever-expanding innovations in technology, the world is evolving at a rapid pace, from conventional ways of operating to more advanced and sophisticated methods. It is only natural that such advanced technologies are gradually being integrated into the online marketplace industry, considering the prominence of this industry in modern society. 

It is evident that businesses must keep up with the current times if they wish to maintain a competitive edge. The unparalleled technological inventions of today are the ones to watch out for — particularly those led by next-generation Internet technologies such as Blockchain.

Amidst the trend is Curate, the world’s first marketplace application which utilizes a decentralized blockchain network enabling buyers and sellers to exchange physical and digital goods. The platform facilitates a reward system in the form of their native cryptocurrency, XCUR,  which can also be used for frictionless financial interactions over the Curate marketplace.

How to Use Curate

Listed below are the steps users can follow to gain exposure to the plethora of possibilities that Curate’s decentralized ecosystem offers.

  • Sign up on the platform.
  • Choose the area of interest (For e.g. “list content for sale”)
  • Submit it so that the community can CURATE the content, enabling sales to be made by end-users.
  • Users can then upvote the content to provide authentic reviews.
  • If the content gains popularity, both buyer and seller will receive a reward of 0.5% of an XCUR token on each sale made.
  • The user will also get a 4% commission on all successful sales.

What Makes CURATE Different

The CURATE marketplace features an internal blockchain ecosystem that will enable users to transact, bid, and spend without having to pay for gas in the form of transaction fees. Furthermore, the availability of an immutable distributed database of Blockchain provides a secure and unbiased environment for the buyers as well as the sellers.

In addition to this, CURATE accommodates a variety of tangible items, as well as digital assets such as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). With the use of blockchain technology and AI, the platform is able to quickly eliminate fake reviews, feedback, user comments, or reviews that contain hate speech and/or offensive language. The platform issues a unique ID to its registered users to verify their accounts, ensuring the authenticity of the platform and validating the legitimacy of their reviews and feedback.

What is XCUR?

XCUR is the native CURATE token, designed for utility purposes. 

In essence, XCUR is not a security or equity token under any regulation in any jurisdiction, but rather a token with pure utility characteristics and functionalities. As a result, it is distributed as a primary reward token on the CURATE marketplace app.

XCUR is a utility token defined by the ERC–20 and BEP-20 smart contract standard; making it interoperable with a wide range of utility tokens on both the Ethereum and the Binance chain, increasing the adoption of XCUR on crypto-asset exchanges. This will eventually contribute towards speeding up the CURATE token network effect, thereby increasing the token value over time and producing higher profits for CURATE users. 

How To Use XCUR

  1. On the CURATE app’s marketplace, users can buy a wide variety of goods (both tangible and digital).
  2. On all sales, buyers and sellers are rewarded in the form of XCUR tokens.
  3. XCUR can be used for purchasing a stake in the CURATE’s DeFi network and DeFi partner pools.
  4. Travala, the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly traveling agency, offers over 3 million travel items that can be bought and booked using XCUR.
  5. Viator’s collaboration with CURATE allows users to book global events with XCUR.
  6. Expedia has over 7 million vacations and flights to choose from, all of which can be paid for with XCUR.
  7. Users can leverage Shopping IO to spend on CURATE’s collaboration listings.
  8. Through other Curate partners, users can exchange XCUR for FIAT and thousands of other cryptocurrencies.


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