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mauldineconomics.com / JOHN MAULDIN / FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Today’s Outside a Box is a special treat. My good crony and associate Texan Danielle DiMartino Booth’s new book, Fed Up: An Insider’s Take on Why a Federal Reserve Is Bad for America, was out strictly yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, and already there are dozens of reviews all over a internet.

Ten years ago, Danielle left a trade gig on Wall Street to work directly for Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher. She helped him benefit insights into a economy and aided in crafting his speeches and writings. Those of us who knew her knew that she was a means writer; and when Fisher quiescent and Danielle left a Fed, she started her possess website and newsletter; and now her talent is apparent to many some-more people. She is a third many followed chairman on LinkedIn, after reduction than a year.

And afterwards we come to her book. It’s a simply harmful comment of what indeed goes on inside a Federal Reserve. To contend she eviscerates that august establishment is to be kind. we saw her diagnosis of a Fed coming, since Danielle and we have shared

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