October 12, 2017- Within 7 days, 13M GOAL tokens were sold to over 380 backers, making Goal Bonanza the hottest ICO this year. Startup Goal Bonanza led by founding partner Veljko Ristic and a seasoned team of internet technology professionals launched an ICO pre-sale on October 1st, 2017, to fund the development and launch of a revolutionary football online betting platform.

Leading to its pre-sale success, the recently developed partnership with Bancor Network Protocol and Etherdelta Exchange allows the platform to maximize the trading liquidity of the GOAL token using smart contracts technology. It is further influenced by the early bird discount of 66.67% and 60% profit sharing with the ICO investors, making the football betting platform one of the highly rated platforms in the crypto-community and venture capital investment funds.


Build on Ethereum blockchain platform and adopting Ethereum as the underlying game currency, Goal Bonanza is a self-regulated platform that respects players’ privacy and doesn’t require any identity verification, submission of forms of identification, credit card or bank account details and offer a brand new gaming concept that enhances football betting experience unlike anything else on the market.

Its unique game mechanics allows players to place in educated bets on more than 10 possible football match outcome and unlock the potential of unlimited returns. Unlike traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges that offer unattractive odds and low returns, in the Goal Bonanza lottery, the size of the pot drives the potential returns with the high possibility of reaching more than $1-million dollars with just $1 dollar bet.

“As one of our investors said: Crowd betting is to sports betting what Uber is to hired driving and Airbnb is to the hospitality market. We are going to create a new market segment of players looking for innovation but we will also compete with power houses like SBObet, Bodog88, Dafabet and 188Bet. Goal Bonanza will be huge!!!”

– Founding partner Veljko Ristic.

Adding to the fun of the online gaming platform, Goal Bonanza taps into basic desires and needs of users’ impulses which revolve around the idea of status, achievement, competition and community collaboration. The gamification mechanics motivate users to engage and play in order to win rewards, badges, and points that are used to elevate their status and privileges, and to showcase their talents, expertise, and accomplishments.

To participate in Goal Bonanza Pre-Sale, visit website. Individuals can purchase Goal Bonanza Token using bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum currencies. Individuals need to create a wallet on, Parity or Mist to receive Goal Bonanza Token.


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