A nineteen-year-old boy who murdered two people with a knife appeared in court last week.

Marcel Hesse lured a nine-year-old boy identified as Jaden to his basement and stabbed him 52 times in March 2017. He then uploaded a video of himself on the Darknet boasting of the murder. He also shared the video on WhatsApp saying that: “I know that people die slowly when you slaughter them.”

Jaden’s step father, Pascal R, 34, found the lifeless body of his stepson in a pool of blood, something he said he would never forget. “The picture of my stepson lying there dead, I will never forget this,” he said. “I found him lying in a giant lake of his own blood,” said Pascal R.

According to his lawyer Michael Ende, he remained silent in the court and did not deny all the charges against him. It is unclear whether he committed the murder under the influence of drugs, but from the video uploaded on the Darknet, he was proud of himself which is contradictory to what a normal human being ought to behave.

Michael Hesse’s murder case reached out to some of his friends. He hid in a nearby woods for a while before he went to his friend, Christopher’s apartment. Over there, they played computer games before going to bed. The friend also heard about the murder committed by Hesse and threatened to call the police, but Hesse stabbed him 62 times till the 22 year old lost his life. He stayed at the apartment until Thursday and then handed himself to the police.

He went to a restaurant owner and asked him to call the police. The restaurant owner, Giorgios Cheitidis told the police that: “He came in here at 8 pm in black clothes with an umbrella and carrying a sack of onions. He said in a soft voice he was Marcel. ‘Look on your tablet,’ he said. ‘You will see a picture of me there’.”

He told the police that he had attempted to commit suicide before murdering his victim to land him in jail.

He revealed to the police about his second murder when he was being taken away.

Hesse described himself to the police as a brutal killer. He is said to be a rejected German army officer. Investigation revealed that Hesse sent an image to a friend holding a bloody blade in Christopher’s apartment.

Jaden’s family lawyer, Reinhard Peters said the family has found comfort in the arrest of Jaden’s murderer.

The police suspected him to have committed other murders aside the two. He sounded thirsty for blood, and he handed himself to the police when he was satisfied. According to the police, he alluded to another murder after he wrote in a chat room that: “I cut myself in the hand as I fought with the 120kg beast.”

Hesse is also suspected to have murdered a woman, a case which the police refused to comment on.

According to Klaus-Peter Lipphau, The head of Bochum Police Homicide department, Hesse is an ‘ice cold’ and ‘emotionless’ individual who appears to be very intelligent and remembers a lot of details.

Another 10 hearings in the trials have been set until the middle of October.

The Darknet has been a place where people engage in all kinds of activities. People make use of the freedom on the various Darknet websites to get their ‘law breaking’ goods and services to their customers. In respect to this, agencies all over the world have set up plans to monitor the network in order to bring all offences under control. Boston police recently ended their plan to monitor the Darknet and social media.

The director of the University of Central Lancashire’s Cybercrime Research Unit, Dr. Tim Owen said “There [are] all manner of things on the Dark Web and it is a very dangerous market. It is a bit of an unpoliced area. People sometimes think that crime on the Internet is secondary to crime in the real world.”

He continued: “But it is all in the real world. However, because it is possible to be anonymous on the Internet, people are more likely to behave in a disinhibited way. “Hiding behind an avatar does not change the crime.

However, it has its ups and downs just as any other entity.

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