Satoshi Fund, the first blockchain traded fund, makes a strong case for investing in blockchain assets with their report on Blockchain investments for 2016. The report suggests an impressive growth as the year 2016 saw Blockchain investments yielding returns of over 500%.

The year 2016 was an excellent one for the blockchain industry as it attracted investments from an array of sources including venture capital funds, banking institutions, and lots of crowd investment campaigns (ICOs and token sales).

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It becomes important to differentiate between good and bad investment decisions with so many avenues for investment unfolding.

Satoshi Fund has taken a step to prevent the investors from making bad decisions by creating Satoshi Pie. Satoshi Pie is a transparent, auditable, and tradable blockchain-based fund that invests in blockchains. A handy tool for those who are new to the blockchain world, Satoshi Pie helps them distinguish the scams that promise otherworldly returns from the real future unicorns.

Satoshi Pie has a diverse portfolio which extends beyond Bitcoin. It is currently handling over 23 different cryptocurrencies of which few like MaidSafe, Monero, Factom, Golem, Steem, and Byteball yielded 100% return on investments in 2016.

Investment process in Satoshi Pie is managed entirely on the blockchain, which also includes the maintenance of up-to-date records. Participants can easily verify the proof of investments at any point in time. Currently, Satoshi Pie manages over 1400 BTCs or up to $1.3 million in funds, most of which is stored in 2 of 3 multi-signature wallets.

Satoshi Pie allows investors to participate in multiple blockchain projects by using a single token. Satoshi Pie’s investment token – SPIES can be bought on the OpenLedger platform. The Bitshares powered SPIES is backed by Satoshi Pie’s fund portfolio.

Satoshi Pie’s investment strategy revolves around five principles, which is detailed in the whitepaper.

The investments of Satoshi Pie are focused towards the public, fully auditable blockchains following preliminary fund management evaluation. The platform’s interests lie in infrastructure solutions for the “economy of the future.”

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