TRON (TRX)–If there was anything good to come out of the most recent depression in the crypto markets, it has been a renewed focus and commitment on cryptocurrencies that demonstrate real-world usability. TRON, in its short time on the market, has developed a passionate group of detractors who have tried to label the coin as vaporware and a pump scheme despite growing evidence to the contrary. While TRON may not have a functioning currency on the same level as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ripple, TRX has come a long way since first launching in September 2017. In that time, TRON and founder Justin Sun have been able to solidify real-world partnerships with platforms as wide-ranging as gaming and bicycle transportation. The implementation of TRX’s Main Net in Q1 2018 is a positive sign for both the development team and future of TRON, as the coin is able to develop its own currency platform as opposed to being another EC20 token.

Here are three reasons to remain bullish on TRON as we move into a recovery phase in the cryptomarketplace:

TRX Down 80% is the Chance for Massive Gains

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. With that out of the way: TRX is in position to post substantial price gains relative to the rest of the market. TRON started the year trading at 0.30 USD and as of writing is valued at 0.05 USD per coin. The steep decline in value has scared away the novice and cautious investors, as well as creating a contingent of angry FUD-spreaders who were burned in selling from down positions. That’s okay. TRON was able to build a 20 billion USD market capitalization in less than four months without a fully working product and a handful of partnerships. While that statement is indicative of the overbought/overvalued conditions prior to the market depression, it also shows the excitement surrounding the TRON project and the expectation for great things.

Some of that can be attributed to the marking and promotion and founder Justin Sun. There is also a segment of cryptocurrency advocates that are willing to invest in projects tackling large-scale problems. Ripple is going after banks and the financial industry and has rewarded holders to the tune of 17000% gains in less than a year. TRON is taking on an equally sizable problem, by renovating the entertainment industry and modernizing it to the capacity of cryptocurrencies. Warren Buffett may be notorious for his derogatory statements towards cryptocurrency, but we can still apply one of his more famous investing strategies, “The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” There has been a good amount of hate and fear spread about TRON that equates to typical crypto-FUD. The coin’s price is down over 80% since the last all-time high, despite a growing laundry list of partnerships, real-world implementation and the upcoming Main Net launch. While the price of TRON has doubled since dipping to 0.025 in the worst of the market depression, there is still enough blood left in the street to warrant investor interest. Partnership and TRX in Gaming

TRON Dogs may sound silly to some of the more hardcore TRX investors, or those intrigued by the coming Main Net launch, but it gives utility to TRON that is sorely lacking in most cryptocurrencies. Like the role Crypto Kitties has played for Ethereum, gaming is going to bring in a new market of investors and enthusiasts for the TRON project. There will be numerous people who discover TRON Dogs and TRX-integrated games on that have no interest in cryptocurrency and no interest in TRON. That’s fine. Those people are going to be purchasing TRX for gaming alone, a feature that increases liquidity for the coin in the market while generating more demand than traders alone can sustain.

Think of TRON Dogs and other gaming sources as similar to the revolutionary feature of LitePay to Litecoin. Now people have a reason to buy and spend TRX, thereby keeping market conditions healthy, outside of the price speculation that makes up most transactions on exchanges. Industry investors and the general public are going to continue to grow weary of cryptocurrency if the technology cannot prove utility in the real world. Use cases, even something as mundane as TRON Dogs, gives legitimate life to the currency and is an example of use that can be applied to ponzi scheme-claiming detractors. Gaming is a central tenet to the entertainment business and an industry that TRON could massively disrupt through crypto implementation. Gaming marries perfectly with growing TRON-adoption. As cryptocurrency becomes easier to implement and the user interface improves for customers, developers are going to find novel implementations for TRX that could take the currency exponential.

Justin Sun is the Next Big Thing in Cryptocurrency

You can say a lot of things about Justin Sun and the way he has handled promoting his currency to this point, but you absolutely must give him credit for building a 3.5 billion USD company in less than half a year (a company that was up to 20 billion USD at its peak). Xu Le, CEO of, has rightly recognized Sun as the type of founder that has the potential for great things. In an interview with Tron.Live, Le went on record stating that he has been impressed with the way Sun has been able to scale his company, and imagines a bright future for their partnership.

It’s okay to be skeptical of Justin Sun. There have been a number of investors who would like for Sun to close his Twitter account or keep it strictly for news-only announcements, rather than teasing out information and tantalizing his audience. That’s a fair evaluation and expectation for how crypto-founders should behave. But there is also real value in Sun’s ability to promote and market. The more people excited about the potential of cryptocurrency, the greater the chance of adoption. TRON is not just another transaction-specific currency: the project is building an entirely new platform and network to compete along the lines of an Ethereum. That opens the door for exponential adoption and implementation once it becomes available to the masses. It’s not one person or one development team that makes a technology take off–it’s the collective effort of many individuals building concurrently, sharing ideas and adapting from the breakthroughs of others. Think about 3D printers. The concept for 3D printers has been around since the 1980s, when Chuck Hull founded 3D Systems.. However, it wasn’t until the past decade, when 3D printers became simplistic and cheap enough for individuals to own and operate, that real-world implementation and growing usability caused the technology to go exponential. Cryptocurrency is following a similar trajectory in the Gartner Hype Cycle for technology, and TRON is a microcosm example within the industry.

Justin Sun is going to rub some investors the wrong way. He’s going to make some people angry at his promotion tactics which create elevated expectations. But, over the course of TRON’s lifetime, he’s going to draw a lot of attention that would otherwise glance over TRX. He’s going to get people–the media, investors, developers–intrigued by his project and thereby giving it the opportunity to grow. Look at the top 100 on coinmarketcap. Over half of those currencies are going to die out, despite million and billion dollar valuations, over the next several years because of a lack of use cases and stalling development. If nothing else, TRON is avoiding that fate with the help of a tireless founder that is willing his currency to success.

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