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Looking for a free ticket into the Crypto world? Bitcoinist has got you covered with

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Looking for a free ticket into the Crypto world? Bitcoinist has got you covered with four ways to get Bitcoin without having to spend a cent.

You Don’t Need Money to Get Bitcoin

As Bitcoin price continues to rise, it’s getting ever more expensive to buy for the average person. But earning bitcoin might just be the best way to accumulate this digital gold. Even Bitcoin expert, Andreas Antonopoulos, admitted in one of his many talks, saying:

I don’t get Bitcoins with money, I work for them. I get bitcoins through the expenditure of my labor.

So if you want to start earning Bitcoin but don’t want to change jobs, Bitwage can help you with that. Bitwage is a bitcoin payroll and international wage payment service that that converts your salary into Bitcoin (and more). This can be done by giving the bank account number provided by Bitwage to their employer. Bitwage sends user bitcoin the day after deposit.

1) Freelancing

Freelancing for Bitcoin is similar to working on traditional freelancing platforms but it has multiple advantages. It allows you to save on traditional banking fees, receive your payment faster, and in many countries it will also allow you to save on taxes. Furthermore, it also provides greater privacy. 


There are many freelancing platforms out there to choose from including:

You can also check out the jobs4bitcoins subreddit and the Bitcointalk services forum. With these, however, you’ll need to find an escrow yourself, or trust the employer.

We advise you to create a compelling profile, to set up your portfolio, and maybe to set your rates lower at the beginning. This will allow you to build up a reputation on the website and get future jobs easily.

2) Selling Items

We all have stuff we don’t need, just laying around. Like that guitar you never really played or that weird painting you thought would look edgy until you actually looked at it for more than five seconds.

Whatever goods or services you may have, there’s a good chance that someone, somewhere will eventually buy them, as a man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Selling items to get Bitcoin in return also has multiple advantages. You will save on middlemen fees and you’ll save on chargebacks, which don’t exist with Bitcoin.


OpenBazaar: OpenBazaar is a fully decentralized bitcoin-based e-commerce platform. Users can buy and sell digital or physical items. allows you to become a merchant and to sell your items for Bitcoin. You can also earn by selling gift cards for BTC.

Bitify: Bitify is an online e-commerce platform that accepts both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

/r/bitmarketIs a subreddit dedicated to buying/selling items for Bitcoin.

Bitcointalk: You can also sell items on the Bitcointalk marketplace forum.

21 Market: 21 Market is a marketplace by 21.Co, the Bitcoin startup that created the 21 Bitcoin computer. This marketplace is dedicated to bitcoin-payable APIs, which can be sold and bought by anyone.

3) Microjobs

Microjobs consist of simple small tasks that can usually be completed by anyone and require no experience or special skills. This is an area in which cryptocurrencies excel, since they allow for microtransactions. These jobs often consist of completing surveys, social promotion, pay-to-click ads, solving captchas etc.

FaucetsThere are too many faucets out there to list. These faucets work like Pay-to-Click websites. You’re paid to see an ad and solve a captcha. The payout provided by faucets is generally low, but it’s a task that can be performed by anyone in the world.

21.Co: You can get a 21 profile to get a paid inbox. This will require people to spend a small amount of Bitcoin, which they’ll only receive if you reply. You can also get bitcoin directly through by completing small tasks on the platform.


Birds: Birds is a service by that allows you to get paid by retweeting paid tweets. The service sends you Bitcoins directly to your address, so you must have a minimum amount of followers to earn rewards.

The Viral Exchange: The Viral Exchange allows you to buy and sell social outreach on multiple social media platforms. Users can earn alternative cryptocurrencies by completing tasks like commenting on a video or retweeting.

4) Create Online Content

If you like expressing yourself with the utmost freedom and independence, then this next section is for you. Many writers and artist struggle with censorship from various sources. With these applications (some of which are decentralized), you can earn bitcoin from the content you produce with complete autonomy.

Steemit: Steemit is a blockchain-based platform that allows you to recieve Steem (the platform’s cryptocurrency) based on the popularity of your articles. The payment is automated and made by the Steemit blockchain which pays out Steem power based on upvotes from other users. You can also earn by curating content on the platform. Next, convert this altcoin to Bitcoin using or any online exchange.


Supload: Supload is a free image hosting site that shares advertisement revenue in Bitcoin.

Finally, there are many scams and faucets out there promising payouts in Bitcoin. If it looks to good to be true, then it probably is. Be sure to check out BadBitcoin for the latest list of known and proven cryptocurrency scams. Remember to always keep your private keys private.

You can also check out more ways to protect your bitcoin and enhance your online privacy here.

Know any other ways of getting Bitcoin without spending money? Share them below!

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