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The cryptocurrencies market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. On April 22, 2018 it accounted for more than 332 billion dollars. iGaming holds an enormous part of this market. Prognosis shows it will be growing by 13% CAGR (Common Annual Growth Rate) until 2026 and its revenues will exceed $68 million. Considering this, investing in iGaming ICO sounds like a good idea.

However, according to the crypto traders magazine Autonomous NEXT, 902 ICO took place last year. With so many participants, it is very important an investor clearly understands the criteria that should be taken into account while choosing the ICO: a unique idea, working MVP, an experienced team, a reliable cryptographic system, positive feedback from experts and the community.

Luckchemy is a blockchain startup that is going to revolutionize iGaming. Its founders are convinced that it totally differs from other blockchain iGaming startups. Let’s take a look at reasons they should be trusted.

  1. Luckсhemy is the unique and scalable platform for iGaming.

Most startups offer users own games or, in rare cases, negotiate with third-party developers about placing their games. Of course, Luckchemy will have both own games, such as a lottery 6 of 47, free-to-play sweepstakes, slots, bets, dice and 3rd party games. However, the uniqueness of Luckchemy’s offer lies in the possibility for other companies to start their iGaming business without developing their own platform or obtaining licenses. Luckchemy will provide companies with a White Label solution, including backend with admin panel and customization support.

  1. Luckhemy has a working MVP before going to ICO. Working MVP is a must-have thing in case of ICO, because 59% of 2017 ICO failed. Let’s look on a couple of examples.

SlotNSlot was aimed to provide an everlasting, trustless, autonomous gambling platform, where anyone can both make and play slot machines. However, while designing and developing the structure of the platform, there seemed to be lots of difficulties in making it fully autonomous and anonymous. So developers canceled the ICO.

SP8DE is a decentralized platform for decentralized iGaming applications. The pre-ICO sale was completed in January 2018 and the public sale finally ended on March 11. After this, having 19 members in team, they don’t have a working MVP, and moreover they don’t even have an updated website. The last information is about 9222 ETH collected.



  1. Tokens with a set of useful characteristics. First, Luckchemy tokens are multifunctional — they can be used to play any game within the Luckchemy platform. Second, all transactions within the platform are virtual. This means players won’t have to pay gas for transactions while playing games. Third, only Luckchemy token holders will take part in the special monthly draw. Fourth, LUK tokens will also give holders a possibility to influence on the development of the platform’ games by voting.
  2. Luckchemy is a team of professionals, which knows how to create high-quality and popular products. Project co-founders, Alexander Tatarchuk and Alex Topchienko, have more than 13 years of managing web-products for both, dedicated to mobile gaming and digital marketing. Chief marketing officer Mark Beck has spent over a decade in the gambling industry. He has scaled some of the largest social casino apps in the world. Rest of team have not less than 5 years of commercial development each.

Project advisors boast even more experience. Masa Suganuma has been working in iGaming industry for over 18 years. During 15+ years of market and equity research experience, Todd Eilers created and developed the gaming industry’s largest slot survey in partnership with Fantini Research.  Adam Krejcik with 10+ years experience of market and equity research in the global interactive entertainment industry was one of the “25 People to Watch” according to Global Gaming Business Magazine in 2016 and recipient of the Financial Times earnings accuracy award for 3 consecutive years. Chris Grove is regularly cited by mainstream media, financial institutions and policymakers for his 10+ years of experience in the iGaming industry. Patrick Roberts has 5 years experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

During last days of March team represented Luckchemy at Cryptocurrency World Expo in Berlin, Crypto Summit 2018 in Zurich and Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv. On April, 18, Luckchemy took first prize during pitching on Coinagenda in Puerto Rico according to Superbloom.

  1. Tokens are being quickly diverged and should you delay with a purchase on pre-sale, you could just miss an opportunity to get your LUK tokens at a discount. ICO experts claim that Luckchemy will certainly collect a hard cap and will revolutionize iGaming. Confirmation of this is the fact that in the few days of private sale, team collected almost the entire planned amount for this stage.

We don’t suggest you put all your money in Luckchemy tokens as well as guarantee success in a couple of years — there are many more factors influencing success than the combination of good product and a great team. However, everything today indicates that the investment in LUK tokens is a lucrative thought.


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