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Ethereum has come exceptionally close to toppling Bitcoin from the peaks of the cryptocurrency list. What’s more, Ether, the network’s native currency, has grown in price by almost 30 times at its highest point this year, making some investors very rich indeed. Because of these things, it’s no wonder that more and more startups are developing apps which make use of the distinctive Ethereum blockchain network. Here are some of the top apps making use of the blockchain tech.

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Alice.Si is utilizing the blockchain technology to help strengthen support for charities. It uses the Ethereum smart contracts feature to protect donor investments in charities. In fact, it will only complete a payment to the charity in question if that charity makes a discernable impact. This keeps charities honest and builds trust among donors.


Coakt’s developers say that it is the “logical next phase of crowdfunding evolution,” and the app clearly aims high in its disruption of the traditional crowdfunding model. With Coakt, users can raise cash, but they can also build talent and technology too, all in support of making their ideas become reality. Coakt could help to launch all new means of creating startups.


The world of freelance workers has been changed many times over thanks to technological developments. EthLance aims to do that all over again: it is a freelancer platform that facilitates the exchange of work for Ether rather than traditional fiat currencies. The possibilities of connecting workers with employers all around the world, and for the instantaneous transfer of digital funds, makes EthLance a compelling concept.

Raiden Network

The Raiden Network aims to offer high-speed transfers of assets for Ethereum, similar to Bitcoin’s proposed Lightning Network. This app is currently under development, but once it is implemented, it could help to transform the Ethereum blockchain into a dramatically superior platform for fund transfers of all types, keeping transaction fees low, transaction times instant, and reliability high.


TenX aims to offer users the ability to spend Ether almost anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrencies have generally been slow to breach real world points of sale, and platforms like TenX are working to solve this problem. TenX will sell physical Visa or Mastercard cards which can be used to convert Ether into fiat currency in a variety of places.


One of the benefits of the blockchain network is its public nature. Apps like Gnosis aim to harness the wide availability of users on the blockchain and will attempt to gain prediction data from voting samples. Gnosis can allow users to predict all sorts of different things, from election results to the weather. Like many of the other apps on this list, Gnosis has its own token, too.

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