The NFT space is booming once more, whether on social media or in the news. It has become popular within crypto circles as well as in other sectors such as the art industry but also within the general public thanks to the media and many celebrities.

In one example, a GIF file, secured by an NFT, sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. In February 2021, artist Chris Torres sold the Nyan Cat GIf for $590,000. That shows that this sector is gaining mainstream acceptance. However, there are still challenges facing the NFT sector that prevent it from reaching its full potential. 

The main challenge is that the NFT ecosystem is highly fragmented. It is still difficult to track and trace NFTs multiple blockchains. Managing one’s own collection or looking for new NFTs in which to invest can therefore take a long time, and time is money, especially in the crypto and NFT market.

LUDO – The Solution

Ludo is a new project in the NFT space, which – by aggregating all data from different blockchains and platforms in one single place – has the potential to change the current paradigm.

Do you remember the Internet before the advent of Google? Back then, finding something online was complicated. A user had to know the exact address of the site they intended to visit, which made it very hard to find new information fast.

Everything changed when Google entered the space; thanks to its custom search algorithm, it changed the Internet and, with it, the world.  In a similar way, LUDO’s multichain NFT search engine has the potential to reshape the NFTs ecosystem by bringing an end to its fragmentation and making collecting, investing and brand-building much more efficient.

Ludo envisions itself as a central gateway into web 3.0, where users can access NFT data from different blockchains and platforms. Without this solution, many promising NFT developments will remain unreachable to interested users. Ludo will act as an aggregator and make it easy to discover all kinds of exciting projects. They will allow everyone to collect  NFTs no matter which blockchain they are.

But this is only the first step in Ludo’s journey. The next one is to build a product suite that is not only catered towards collectors but also gamers, creators, and brands and provides essential toolings for all of them.

Ludo also plans to address the concerns regarding the impact of crypto mining on the environment. It will come with features that allow users to assess the carbon footprint of an NFT they intend to buy. This way, users can support NFTs and blockchain that have the least impact on the environment. Additionally, they will work to promote NFTs which have a positive social impact on communities and ecosystems.

How it Works

Ludo is designed as a search engine that offers users the ability to discover all existing NFTs, regardless of the blockchain on which they were built. It does so by aggregating on-chain and off-chain data from different sources and then correlating them with external data. This makes it easier for users to find NFTs, Collectors, and Creators across blockchains and platforms. Some of the features of Ludo are:

Collector Tools — Showcase

This tool will allow users to easily create and share individual albums,  and to showcase various NFTs from different chains in one gallery. To make this a smooth experience, Ludo image server is caching a small version of the image, which reduces load time to less than a second, much faster than any other existing solution.

Creator Tools

Ludo’s tools for creators and brands on the other hand will act as a bridge between them and their valuable user basis. It will allow creators and brands to increase their reach and engagement as well as enable targeted communication.

Play to Earn 

Ludo is also riding the wave of Play-to-Earn by releasing a set of tools aimed at gamers. Two leaderboards across multiple blockchains will showcase the top games and the best players,  while a GameFi control panel allows users to grow their income by farming creator tokens and staking NFTs.

Ludo: the new frontier of NFTs

With its multichain search engine and additional tools, LUDO has the potential to reshape the NFT world.

What is certain is that whether you are a collector, a creator, or a brand, Ludo will help you grow your visibility and value exponentially. Besides that, Ludo can be used as a launchpad for NFTs or to showcase existing NFTs. To ensure that the community is in charge of the platform, Ludo will launch a governance token in 2022. This token can be used to vote or suggest developments in the platform. 

Ludo believes that NFTs have the power to create shared value globally by eliminating barriers that have historically restricted ownership rights. By increasing the visibility of NFTs and bringing them to the mainstream, a different future is possible.

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