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In Scotland, a withdrawal clinic has increased its clientele: In addition to the usual suspects who want to get their drug or gambling use back under control, there are now also crypto addicts a point of contact for the treatment of their addiction.

Trading in cryptocurrencies can be addictive. This view is at least doctors of Castle Craig Hospital in the Scottish district of Peebleshire. So the search expert Tony Marini sees the hunt for digital money as a form of gambling addiction:

“Crypto-addicts place bets on rising or falling rates like a player betting at the roulette table. Anyone who does the full-time job (at the crypto exchange or in the casino) is generally less at risk of addiction. But if you secretly do that at home, you can quickly get over the lure of high profits. ”

Unlike many alcoholics or drug addicts, the crypto addict can not see his addiction at the tip of his nose, Marini continues. He considers gambling addiction to be the most dangerous of all:

“I know three people who killed themselves because of their gambling addiction. Studies have shown that the suicide rate is higher among gambling addicts than any other addict. They need a lot of money and take off their families’ last shirt […]. “

Marini speaks from experience: He was even for years game and cocaine addicted until he made a withdrawal and trained to become a therapist.

His colleague Chris Burn, however, describes the appeal that the crypto market has on addicts:

“The high-risk cryptocurrency business is appealing to gambling addicts. It is exciting and allows escape from reality. For example, bitcoin traded heavily, making huge profits and losses. It’s a classic bubble. “

How the addiction manifests itself

On the homepage of Castle Craig Hospital you will find a list of clues suggesting crypto addiction. If you are addicted, complete some or all of the following 12 points:

  • Time and money are fully invested in online trading
  • financial problems
  • To make up for losses, you invest more and more money
  • Money is constantly being lent by families and friends to sustain the addiction
  • the firm conviction that the big profit is imminent
  • the pledging of personal belongings for investment capital
  • to talk down his losses in front of friends and family
  • Mood swings and the feeling of hopelessness; depressions
  • the constant thought of the next investment
  • Restlessness or irritability in an attempt to refrain or restrict trade
  • deny having a problem
  • many unsuccessful attempts to stop trading

The Rehabilitation Center has set up a special section for – literal – cryptojunkies. This makes them the first clinic worldwide with such an offer. The treatment is based on the Twelve-Step Program, which is used, for example, in Alcoholics Anonymous. There are also findings from cognitive behavioral therapy.

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