On May 13, 2019, the initial placement of ADVC coins is launched to attract investments for the development of the Ad-country advertising platform and the online exchanger ExchangeFactory. ICO will be held in 4 rounds, lasting 7 days each. During the ICO period, the startup plans to sell 28,500,000 coins. The cost of coins will increase as the ICO stages pass – from $0.1 in the first round, to $0.2 per coin in the last one.

ADVC is a cryptocurrency designed to pay for services on the decentralized advertising platform Ad-country and in the online exchanger ExchangeFactory. It is important to note that today ADVC is already trading on the CREX24 exchange at a price of $1.3. Thus, during the ICO period, anyone can purchase Advertising Coin tokens at a better price. ADVC is also used as a means of payment in partner advertising services. Due to real use, at the time of the ICO Advertising Coin shows a positive trend on the exchange, which makes it attractive for experienced traders.

Advertising Coin is remarkable not only for its focus on solving real business problems, but also for the system of encouraging token holders. CEO Jon Greenham noted: “It is important for us to maintain a healthy project economy, to stimulate its development. Therefore, after the launch of the decentralized advertising platform Ad-country, we will form a special smart contract. According to its terms, 50% of the platform’s profits will be distributed monthly among all ADVC holders. The size of the bonus will depend on the number of coins in the balance – the more tokens you have, the bigger the bonus. In addition, users of the online exchanger ExchangeFactory will be able to pay a fee for the exchange in any direction with our ADVC coin with a discount of up to 70%”.

The founders of the Advertising Coin project are experienced advertising professionals. In their professional activities, they encountered such problems as insufficient coverage of advertising campaigns, high fees, limited analytics and targeting tools of advertising messages, inaccessibility of a particular payment system to pay for services, etc. That is why it was decided to develop a decentralized advertising platform Ad-Country, which would provide ample opportunities for businessmen, webmasters, marketers, and advertising experts. Ad-Country is thought-out functional modules; intuitive interface; convenient for customizing tools of targeting, reporting, and tracking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The decentralized Ad-Country platform will provide almost instant transactions, maximum anonymity, and data protection for all members, as well as reduce the cost of advertising services.

According to the developers’ plans, the decentralized advertising platform will be launched in August, and the crypto exchanger – in December this year.

To participate in the Advertising Coin ICO, go to the official website of the company and register. You can buy ADVC tokens on the site in your personal account.


Official web-site:

✔️Blockchain: ac85a2087df118abf5afd1a399e3d68ba358336820d4dda6664f276c36aef8c2

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