In the shadow of software “Wanna Cry”, criminals have infected hundreds of thousands of computers with a beetle that is far more lucrative for them: Adylkuzz.

As the whole world talks about “Wanna Cry”, another malware spreads quietly and quietly into the computer in the same way: Adylkuzz.

This parasite behaves inconspicuously and makes no demands on its hosts. For this he abuses their computing power for the production of another crypt diet called Monero.

Monero has recently gained popularity because it is now accepted as one of the most important Darknet marketplaces, Alpha Bay.

As security researchers of the US company Proofpoint «Wanna Cry» analyze, they discover Adylkuzz. The malicious software had earlier than “Wanna Cry” begun to drift – at least since May 2. And she was much more widespread than Wanna Cry.

“Hundreds of thousands of computers have been infected with Adylkuzz worldwide,” says Monika Schaufler, Proofpoint Regional Director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “This attack is more dangerous than ‘Wanna Cry’, because it takes place in the background and is unaware of many people involved. That’s why he makes much headlines. ”

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