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The cryptocurrency market cap has been getting rougher, as growing acceptance keeps on bringing in new investors to the cryptocurrency scene. So much so that one week ago, its total market capitalization was swelling past the $50 billion mark. At the time of press, it is currently at $67 billion. Bitcoin’s dominance is now below 50%, meaning altcoins such as Ripple, which saw its market cap rise 60x in 60 days, have been surging.

Bytecoin, an anonymous cryptocurrency based on the Cryptonote technology, also saw a 250% increase recently. It’s impossible for traders to factor in all the trends that affect different altcoins, which forces them to lose numerous profitable opportunities such as these.

Making Money off Altcoin Fluctuations

Enter CryptoPing, the altcoin intelligence bot that constantly monitors altcoin markets and generates signals traders can use to make a profit. CryptoPing essentially tracks anomalies that could signal an impending pump and dump and provides its users with real-time intel through Telegram.

According to CryptoPing’s website, the project has been in a public beta-testing phase since March, and already has over 700 active users who benefit from signals that generate an estimated 13,2% daily profit. Behind the project are anonymous cryptocurrency investors with over 5 years of experience who want to create a trading community where everyone wins.

CryptoPing only gives users intel and does not execute any trades. Moreover, it isn’t a silver bullet as cryptocurrencies are prone to pump and dump schemes at any moment. It does, however, cover every altcoin on its currently supported exchanges: Cryptopia, Bittrex and Poloniex.


Before the startup’s ICO begins, the assistant is free to use. All you have to do is register on their website and add @CryptoPingBot on Telegram, message the bot a unique verification token, and get ready to start trading. The assistant will alert you whenever it detects behavior that might signal a price swing.

After the ICO, users will be able to use the PING tokens they acquire, as well as bitcoin and ethereum, to pay for a subscription that will allow them to continue receiving intel. The platform will eventually develop into social trading app, according to a press release:

The platform will focus public trader rankings where users will be capable to pull up traders they suggest and receive signs from them. Following a profession is a paid service that produces higher revenue to public traders, while beginners will receive more reliable and profitable signals.

The Upcoming ICO

The ICO will begin on May 25, and last for one month. In it, 9,000,000 tokens, with a total worth of 1,000 BTC, will be issued. An additional 1,000,000 tokens will be reserved for a referral program and any undistributed tokens will be burned. Investments above 100 BTC will receive a 15% discount. Moreover, those who invite their friends will be awarded 10% of the amount of tokens they’ve purchased after the ICO ends.

There’s also a 25% discount for users who pay for their subscription using PING tokens. CryptoPing has a lot in store for the future, as its goal is to help traders achieve financial independence – its developers are open to new ideas and user feedback.

The ICO will take place in the Waves platform, and after it’s finished, the team behind CryptoPing will work towards introducing PING tokens to exchanges, so it can then buy and burn toke at a steady rate, assuring a deficit that will raise its value. If you would like to know more, you can visit their website.

Right after the ICO, users who got others to sign up through their link will be awarded an equivalent to 15% of the value of their purchases. An additional 7% can be awarded from second-level referrals, with 3% reserved for third-level referrals. To take advantage of the opportunity, you can find your referral link in your CryptoPing profile.


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