It looks like a lot of exchange platforms are keeping a close eye on XRP right now. Several platforms have enabled XRP trading or will do so in the coming weeks. ALFACashier, a lesser-known cryptocurrency exchange, ha snow added XRP as well. This is great news to distribute the circulating supply across different exchanges. It will be interesting to see if this platform can offer decent liquidity, though.

About a year ago, very few people would have expected to see XRP traded on dozens of exchanges. After all, it is not a cryptocurrency by any means. Instead, this digital asset is issued by the Ripple company, and there is no way to mine it. This still confuses a lot of people to this very day. Unfortunately, it also leads to a lot of misinformation. However, things are slowly changing in favor of XRP, with more positive news coming out.

ALFACashier Welcomes XRP Traders to its Platform

ALFACashier is the latest exchange to enable XRP trading. Considering the company has been around since 2012, that is quite an interesting decision. Oddly enough, very few people have heard of this platform, even though they trade quite a few popular currencies. Other trading pairs include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Litecoin. Adding XRP to this list of available trading pairs is an intriguing decision. It is possible this is due to customer demand, albeit that has not been officially confirmed by the company.

What makes ALFACashier so interesting is how they provide instant exchange features. For example, one could convert one XRP to Bitcoin, Perfect Money, BTC-E USD, or even a Visa and Mastercard USD payment. Other fiat currencies are supported as well, including the Euro, Ruble, Yuan, and the Canadian Dollar. It looks like a very simplistic exchange, but the platform seems to be doing quite well.

This news comes on the heels of other cryptocurrency platforms adding XRP support as well. BitBank, Bithumb, Coinone, and several other platforms enabled this trading market over the past few weeks. Bitstamp’s XRP trading markets – against Bitcoin and fiat – have also seen more volume than before. It is evident there is a growing demand for XRP, despite the price being kept rather low for the time being. Then again, Ripple’s asset is a long-term investment, and not designed for speculation by any means.

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