The American team of blockchain developers has officially announced the release of its new product – ZUMMINER, a multi-currency wallet for all financial operations with cryptocurrency. According to the creators, the wallet is very user-friendly, and all operations with ZUMMINER are made possible “in just one-click.”

What makes ZUMMINER convenient and competitive?

The main features of the wallet include the ability to work with a list of top-level cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, ZCash, Litecoin) and make transactions at the 100% securest level.

In addition, ZUMMINER multi-currency wallet has a number of the following basic functions:

  • Instant exchange of basic cryptocurrencies inside the wallet at the current exchange rate;
  • Exchange and storage of funds in USD;
  • Instant replenishment of the wallet;
  • Stable network operation;
  • The possibility of fixed earnings up to 0.33% daily on investment in the project;
  • Timely payments to users;
  • Technical support 24/7, ready to answer any questions.

In order to begin to take advantage of the multi-currency crypto-wallet, it’s enough to go through a simple registration procedure, which takes only a few seconds or to authorize your account through any popular social network. Furthermore, users will be able to start exchanging, making transfers, mining cryptocurrency, and making a profit without any other additional tools.

In terms of the development, the creators at ZUMMINER will offer users, even more, opportunities, such as adding new currencies to the platform and improve the code. In this case, experts believe that the wallet will be competitive and will contribute to further the large-scale popularization of cryptocurrencies around the world.

Open up new opportunities with ZUMMINER multicurrency crypto-wallet at

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