Henry Koffie aka NarcoBoss, a Pennsylvania Alphabay vendor, faces drug distribution charges in connection with an Oregon teenager’s overdose. The customer had used fentanyl, Xanax, and alcohol in unison when he died, the state medical examiner’s office reported. They opted out of identifying the victim. Law enforcement said they planned to connect NarcoBoss to other drug overdoses in the area and the vendor recently went to court on new accusations: law enforcement had connected him to three overdoses in the Portland area.

The second and third overdoses were not new to law enforcement. They occurred during the investigation into the first overdose and inherently during the investigation into NarcoBoss himself. Note that the word “victim” is used throughout, but only to differentiate between characters. If Koffie sold properly labeled and accurately dosed products, the victim discussion is a separate topic.



On May 29, during the investigation into the first overdose wherein law enforcement had already determined NarcoBoss lived in Philadelphia, investigators received word of another overdose. In the trash, detectives found an envelope that had shipped from Philadelphia. The envelope likely matched some of those from the buyers placed by undercover USPIS agents on the East Coast. The state medical examiner’s office declined to reveal the victim’s identity in this instance as well.

The third Portland overdose occurred while law enforcement investigated the first two. While the first and second overdoses proved fatal, the third overdose had taken no lives. According to court documents, the OD involved a Portland State University student. Unsurprisingly, the state medical examiner’s office refused to disclose this identity as well. Law enforcement revealed, however, that this victim overdosed on drugs from the Alphabay and Dream vendor known as DNMkingpin—the name of NarcoBoss’s banned vendor account.



Law enforcement in Grand Forks, North Dakota also reported numerous non-fatal overdoses during NarcoBoss’s days as a darknet fentanyl vendor. Koffie, as NarcoBoss, had completed more than 6,600 orders before his arrest.

Fentanyl Vendor “NarcoBoss” Busted in Philadelphia

In early August, the Philadelphia man appeared in U.S. District Court in Portland where he pleaded not guilty to one count of conspiracy to import and distribute, one count of possession with intent to distribute, and one count of distribution resulting in death. His case is not the only case where law enforcement agents swore to connect non lethal overdoses to the vendor, but so far, his case is the first with real results.

His jury trial is set for October.

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