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We started this April suffering from a set of preconceptions about Ripple’s organization declarations. The weird thing is that we were not mistaken. Some huge corporations such as Banco Santander (huge global presence, considered to be the world’s best bank right now, if not exactly the largest) and OnePay FX cash announced partnerships with Ripple. But there’s every chance Apple made the most important announcement.

While the XRP token is a huge deal (world’s third largest by capitalization), it also conjures negative feelings from many individuals because of allegations of centralization, and because it’s not an open project like so many other cryptocurrencies but one sponsored by a private corporation that stands to profit from it.

Also, Ripple’s ability is to do international transactions through digital assets instead of the traditional fiat currencies is something that just startles a lot of people. On top of all that, Ripple has a lawsuit pending that could be terribly bad news for them.

Where Ripple has got an edge

But having said that all, one of Ripple’s main advantages is that it is an asset that can be used for internal transactions within companies. And when you deal with transnational corporations “internal” does not exclude “international” or “cross-borders”. That’s what is attracting companies like Santander or Wilderness Inc. Ripple’s xCurrent or xRapid platforms can be integrated into each company’s ecosystem, so installment arrangements become possible at high speeds, low cost, and great safety.

Apple is known as an industry leader and a standard creator. And they just may be about to make their choice when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Apple’s hallmark is to make very sophisticated pieces of tech easy to use by an improved and reliable user interface. So could Apple’s experience in that regard make at least one cryptocurrency really easy to use and popular?

Well, it could indeed. That’s why the announcement that Apple will adopt Ripple for installment record and administration could be incredibly relevant for both Apple and the crypto industry. 

While Apple is adopting Ripple’s technology and not Ripple’s XRP coin (those two things remain different entities that should not be confused), it turns the coin’s adoption into an actual possibility for the future. The sheer amount of clients Apple has all over the world means that adopting the XRP token would dramatically change the way the company manages cash, and it would increase Ripple’s credibility.

This is a great development for Ripple, especially now that Stellar threatens to become serious competition soon. Ripple is expected to reach a $10.00.price on the foreseeable future but it’s currently at $0.69, so there is still a long way to go. But this is the kind of announcement that could make it happen.

Ripple and Apple will be updating the crypto and the tech community with further details about their association, and you can expect Ripple’s XRP price to change (it will skyrocket) as that happens. It could just go through the roof. But you shouldn’t go in unless you’ve done some serious homework before you choose to invest in it. Keep in mind: so far it’s all about Ripple for Apple (which means Ripple’s platform and apps) not about its coin.

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