The OpenSource bitcoin wallet provider Armory has now officially positioned itself on the Bitcoin core side and thus pronounced against a Bitcoin Unlimited hard-fork.

Chief developer Andrew Chow said Armory would be compatible with BU in the case of mainstream adoption, but the company “in no way advocates a controversial hard fork like Bitcoin Unlimited.”

Chow: “To anticipate: The Armory Wallet software does not perform consensus checks, but relies on the connection to a local bitcoin node. This node is typically a Bitcoin core node, but it also supports everything else on it, including: Also Bitcoin Unlimited. If a hard-fork is carried out and no changes have been made to the transaction or block format, the Armory wallet will also be compatible with Bitcoin Unlimited. The users can then continue to transfer over the frozen network. ”

Armory is now one of 112 Bitcoin companies who are officially preparing for a Segrgated Witness activation. On the list published by the Bitcoin Core Team, Also: Bitfinex, Bitfury, BitGo, Bitwala, BreadWallet, Electrum Gemini, Trezor and more.

57 of a total of 112 companies are already ready for a SegWit launch, 30 are in the middle of preparation and 25 are planning an integration.

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