With a multi-billion dollar eSports market set to continually grow for years to come, AstorGame is looking to rethink the way individuals participate in both betting and online gaming. Creating a blockchain-based platform for gamers, betters, and operators might prove to be the right amount of disruptive force to lead the industry.

eSports and Online Gaming – Redefined

AstorGame is taking on the eSports and betting industry through its unique blockchain-infused platform. At its core is the push toward a smart contracts-based gaming and betting platform to securely handle user funds and provide a high degree of transparency.

For example, if the platform experiences complex attacks and is forced offline, funding is secured through the blockchain and is returned to participants. All platform-based betting functions can be verified by any participant by viewing the code to ensure that no malicious activity is involved in any outcome drawing.

In order to mitigate any risks associated with traditional casinos, AstorGame plans on using their “Provably Fair” technology to allow participants to audit each game to a technical level. Although Provably Fair has been implemented by other online casinos, there is a growing lack of both auditing on the level of the game and the security behind the delivery of funds. AstorGame plans on implementing smart contracts to securely deliver winnings and prizes in an efficient manner, devoid of any counterparty risks.

The platform’s official public release is set for June 2018 during the FIFA World Cup, with a beta period occurring in May. By then, tokens from the sale will have been distributed to participants and trading on exchanges.

Games, Exchange, and Streaming: The Astor Token

The Astor token powers the entire platform with its multiple utility cases and investment growth potential. At its core, Astor token will allow users to place bets on the AstorGame platform and participate in both their sports betting and casino features. As more developers sign on to use AstorGame, they can sell access to their products including games and content for the Astor token.

Besides simply being for betting and steaming rewards, the token will have functionality in an online store that will sell themed eSports apparel. This allows users to not only support their favorite competitors during the streaming process, but to buy their products as well. The token will also be used to buy in-game items, as the number of offerings expands beyond physical apparel.

As a long-term investment, the Astor token will grant annual dividends ensuring that investors are considered as the business continues to grow. With AstorGame planning on disrupting an extremely popular and profitable industry, their chance of success only continues to grow.

Provably Fair With Projected Success

With both widespread media coverage and an expert team, AstorGame is set to act as a massive force in the eSports and online gaming industry. The CEO, Mark Snizhinsky, has multiple years of experience as a systems engineer and the vision to drive the platform forward.

The project also plans on giving back 5% of all generated profits annually toward philanthropic ventures. To ensure transparency, all donations and recipients will be logged in a blockchain transaction.

Make sure to check out AstorGame’s token sale over at and read their whitepaper. They are currently well into their sale and their 20% bonus round ends in just a few days. In addition, throughout the month of March, all investors will receive a gift of an additional 10% bonus tokens. Make sure to check it out soon, as the sale ends on April 29th.

To be inclusive of the wider cryptocurrency community, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash are all being accepted in their token sale. Make sure to check out their Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram chat to keep up with the latest company releases.

Do you think that blockchain technology will truly disrupt both the eSports and online gaming industries? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Pixabay, AstorGame

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