Baidu will in future rely on the Blockchain for part of the legal proceedings. The technology, which is also under the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is to secure evidence.

According to local reports, the country’s largest search engine maintains a block chain for managing legal processes. These fall under the area of ​​arbitration, ie the dispute resolution in non-state court proceedings. The technology used by Bitcoin to ensure the accuracy of transactions is used by Baidu to ensure the authenticity of the evidence. Because the blockchain can assure with cryptographic proof that data is real.

Baidu says it has a platform based on network slicing. This in turn makes it possible to combine different networks in a common structure. For this Baidu has apparently worked with the relevant authority, the Qingdao Arbitration Commission. With the appropriate blockchain solution, it should be possible to digitally match court proofs and thus achieve the greatest possible transparency. It eventually builds on the open source protocol of the search engine provider, the XuperChain on the Baidu Blockchain Engine.

The present Baidu project is not the only one using Bitcoin technology. For example, Baidu recently launched a blockchain to manage patient data. In addition, the tech giant from China maintains the PIC chain for copyright management.

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