Bazista is going to be the next-generation trading platform. Why? Because its technology will provide the most simple and convenient shopping experience for users online. By successfully integrating new technology, some barriers to the e-commerce’s growth can now be overcome.

Innovation that fits the needs of online shoppers is the perfect description of this platform. With this, another milestone is again added in the development of this industry.

It’s true that something needs to be unique to stand out among the rest. Bazista has that “something” to show up, that is its unique features that will surely change the way people think about e-commerce. It will also convince the public to support this one of a kind project. The following are just some of the innovation coming from Bazista:

Augmenter reality (AR): the tech which allows finding clothes that fit you or pieces that combine well with each other. Even checking whether that particular painting fits your living room well. Today AR technologies are developed enough to overcome one of essentially high e-commerce growth barriers, which is simply being afraid that online purchase won’t match your expectations.

Blockchain: decentralized data system may provide transparency and efficiency of trading operations. This will allow both buyer and seller to benefit at the same time. That’s the magic of blockchain! It reduces time and financial costs, especially if we talk international transactions. That’s why banks all over the world are looking to integrate blockchain, as it would save them a lot of money.

Artificial intelligence (AI): another obvious one, starting with simple examples like chatbots, which allow automated sales and support services, limited by a pre-set number of actions. And moving to neural networks and complex functional AI that can be found in a modern type of car, which basically drives itself. At such a high level of development of the technology we can expect a truly effective and seamless shopping assistance that offers you perfect fits at a best price.

Internet of Things (IoT): the interconnection of various home appliances may provide valuable information about the products and services that a specific household is using. This is relevant for buyers to purchase items according to what they need and as what they expect.

Modern digitally inclined youth possess great potential for the strategic development and progress of Bazista. It is the reason why we integrate some of the finest technologies during the first years after the platform launch and make it as our priority. This technologies can make a “win-win” effect for all- buyers, sellers and the community.

There’s more to discover about the interesting features of upcoming platform, so, stay tuned and keep in touch with us!

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