Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform has been making waves in the industry as it continues to build new products as a part of its offering to the community. The platform, created by Zhao Changpeng and his team has widened its horizon to grow out of the traditional crypto-exchange image, to become a world-class digital asset trading and resource platform.

Since the platform’s co-founder, Yi He divulged the company’s strategy in the recently concluded “4th Global Blockchain Summit 2017”, Binance has included lots of features. From just a handful of cryptocurrency listing, the platform now has 22 listed coins. In addition to the coins, the platform also ensures that the community members, especially its user base are constantly informed of new developments in the industry, in terms of new projects, ICOs, and token performance.

Within one month of the introduction of new features, Binance rose to the top 10 exchange and trading platforms in 24-hour trading volumes on CoinMarketCap. The platform attracts users from across the world, making it a global Blockchain 2.0 platform.

Binance is under the leadership of Changpeng Zhao, who has earlier served as the CTO at Bloomberg and, and co-founder Yi He has held the position of vice-president at Yizia Tech in the past. Their exposure to tech and business end of things with some of the leading names plays an instrumental role in guiding Binance through the highly-competitive market.

In a statement, Yi He offered some advice to investors by saying,

ICO is like the community crowdsale. It puts angel investment, VC and PE all together in one package. It even has the higher risk than venture investment. Many ICO projects are only “blockchain plus”. Normal investors cannot judge if the ICO project is good or not, so I suggest them do not follow suit and hold your bitcoin.

Binance is on its path to becoming the NYSE equivalent in the cryptocurrency space. The company has created a platform to back high-quality ICO projects, supported by its own video and media platform and Binance Blockchain Fund. The platform is also opening its own ICO, to raise funds needed to develop the platform.


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