Bitcoin SV founder Craig Wright recently warned everyone should remove their crypto assets from Binance as soon as possible as another “Mt. Gox “scenario. The Binance CEO has now responded to this.

Binance had a busy month and had to fight critics and conspiracy theories about internal problems. However, the scaremongering about the stock market was recently intensified by Craig Wright, who apparently couldn’t avoid interfering in the crypto drama.

Craig Wright has posted a number of messages on Twitter warning users about Binance.

    “I would suggest that anything you have on Binance get removed.”

Wright claims that all crypto assets on Binance are at risk and that another “Mt. Gox-like scenario expected. “Just leave what you would like to donate to fraudsters and the United States government,” he continued.

The message was tweeted by BSV fan River (@ riverish333). However, keep in mind that River Craig also thinks Wrosh is Satoshi Nakamoto, so be careful with this scaremongering.

While there have always been problems with unscheduled maintenance work at Binance, Craig Wright also has a penchant for romp and fake news. He already said he would produce the “private key” for Satoshi Nakamoto’s Genesis address for Bitcoin creation – but has since failed to publish anything.

Wright appears to be taking advantage of Binance’s concern to his own advantage to cause a bit of a stir, and that goes without saying.

Zhao strikes back

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, in any case, does not hesitate to reply to Wright’s claims and simply states that Craig Wright is “a scam”. He continues that ‘investing in fraud never ends well … time will tell’. In April 2019, the Bitcoin SV (BSV) exchange officially deleted the listing.

There are numerous Bitcoin SV fans in the answers. The reactions range from insults to the indication of the “obvious superiority” of BSV over other crypto currencies.

Binance was never registered in Malta

Despite the widespread, apparent error, Binance has apparently never had an office in Malta. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO and founder of the platform, says the crypto exchange works without a permanent seat.

He adds that Binance is striving to become a “true decentralized, autonomous organization”. According to a statement by the Maltese Financial Regulator (MFSA), the crypto exchange Binance has never had a license in the jurisdiction. Binance even announced in 2018 that it would move to the country.

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