A new Bitcoin home page is now on the web. The Bitcoin Association has been launched as a rebranding of its precursor, the bComm Association. However, the group by any name has very close ties to Bitcoin SV, and the end result is a website that represents Bitcoin much less than one might expect it to. From Twitter:

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin SV

Despite what its name might suggest, the Bitcoin Association is actually exclusively concerned with Bitcoin SV (BSV), an altcoin that was created during last year’s contentious Bitcoin Cash hard fork. That said, Bitcoin Cash itself is controversial, and there are now three different factions fighting to be recognized as—and look like—the real Bitcoin.

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Of course, to those who support Bitcoin SV, the resemblance is well-deserved. Bitcoin SV’s entire existence rests on the hotly contested idea that it represents the original vision of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. This idea has also influenced the coin’s marketing in the past: in January, Bitcoin SV abandoned its distinctive dragon logo and took on a trademark very similar to Bitcoin’s own logo.

The real issue, however, is that easily conflated coins could mislead new Bitcoin investors. Although Bitcoin SV has its share of supporters, it isn’t equivalent to Bitcoin as far as investment or real-world usage is concerned. Exchanges like Coinbase are still warming up to Bitcoin SV slowly, and relatively few locations accept the coin as payment.

The Real Bitcoin

Although the Bitcoin Association’s bait-and-switch promotion of Bitcoin SV may seem questionable, has also employed a similar technique. currently recommends Bitcoin Cash (BCH) over Bitcoin during its buying process, which has generated plenty of controversy.

Meanwhile, really is dedicated to Bitcoin (BTC)—or Bitcoin Core, as it is commonly called. The site also acknowledges that it is not “Bitcoin’s official website,” and that it has changed ownership over the years. It even states that nobody can officially represent Bitcoin, although that is unlikely to put an end to the debate.

It seems that, since “Bitcoin” is not trademarked, different groups can obtain Bitcoin-related names and websites quite easily. Incidentally, someone has just snagged from Google’s new top-level domain, meaning that another Bitcoin site could soon be unleashed upon the world—assuming that someone bought the domain with the intent to use it, that is.


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