As part of its efforts to bring bitcoin to the doorsteps of regular people, Bitcoin ATM manufacturer LibertyX has partnered with retailers like 7-Eleven, CVS, and Rite Aid.

LibertyX announced yesterday that it would enable customers to buy bitcoin with cash at 20,000 locations in the United States in a partnership with Rite Aid, 7-Eleven and CVS stores.

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To make the user experience easier, LibertyX is asking people interested in buying BTC to download an Android or iOS app instead of dealing with ATMs directly. Users will then scan the app at various locations to make the cash transaction.

To use the platform at any store. Users have to complete some KYC requirements that include name, address, date of birth, and a photo ID. After, you enter your bitcoin address and click “start purchase.” You then get to choose from the list of retailers and click “add cash now.”

The cashier at the store will then scan the LibertyX barcode, and then you make your cash payment. Finally, you will be charged a service fee and miner fee, click on “convert to bitcoin” to complete the transfer. 

“Bitcoin is one of the most exciting innovations over the last decade, but adoption has been limited by trust and accessibility. We wanted to expand our footprint so anyone can buy bitcoin at familiar locations they drive or walk by daily,” stated Chris Yim, Co-Founder & CEO of LibertyX. 

Now, everyone is only a few miles away from owning bitcoin and becoming part of its global community. Buying bitcoin is as easy as scanning a barcode while shopping for groceries.

Chris Yim, Co-Founder & CEO of LibertyX

You can find the nearest available shop where you can buy bitcoin on the LibertyX website. At the time of writing, the service is not available at any retail location yet. All stores are currently on the “waitlist” with no indication of when services will be live.

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