One of the biggest Bitcoin conferences held their party in a strip club in Miami. While the organizers have since made mistakes, many crypto enthusiasts find it completely okay.

At the invitation of the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida, for the evening program: “It was a long day. Join in for networking, relaxing or dancing in the E11even. »

What the organizers of the conference did not say to the approximately 5,000 participants, including many women: DasE11even is a well-known strip club known for air acrobatics shows by less-than-dressed ladies.

«An ideal place for networking»

As the news agency “Bloomberg” wrote, the Bitcoin networkers were operated by female waiters in underwear. After the official end of the event at 23.oo clock many participants had stayed longer to celebrate and watch the shows.

The organizer of the Bitcoin Conference, Keynote CEO Moe Levin, is now facing a harsh wind. At first unmoved, Levin said the club had been the “ideal place for networking”. Finally there were no strip shows until 11pm. If participants found it unpleasant, this is not the mistake of the Bitcoin Conference.

Guys in their twenties with a lot of money

A little later Levin regretted his statements. He wrote in an email to Bloomberg. The choice of the place had been a mistake. Not everyone felt that. A participant named Jeff Scott, a New York crypto currency retailer, said, “We’re a couple of guys in their twenties with a lot of money. We like naked women. “It’s okay if you do not like it. “But you should not expect us to change.”

The incident may not be much more than a colorful footnote in the hitherto young history of increasingly popular cryptocurrencies. But it could also be an expression of a crypto-culture in which fast money and young wealth lead to similar frivolities as were common in the financial boom years on Wall Street.

All clichés of the macho banker culture

That was not intended. After all, the bitcoin and crypto pioneers had driven their projects to replace a financial system they described as ailing and corrupt.

But the prospect of rapid wealth obviously also puts people in the crypto spell, who fulfill all the stereotypes of the Macho Wall Street banker. Women attending the conference, who paid $ 1,000 in admission fees, were more than irritated by the Strip Club networking event.

The reactions spoke for themselves. A male participant of the conference had advised her to get on stage and to strip herself. Another offered her ether for a “lap dance”. In return she offered him a bitcoin with the request “to fork off”.

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