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Fiat currencies are in turmoil across the globe, and as trade wars and the crushing blow of sanctions are hoisted on various nations by western powers, the alternative currency market may be attracting a number of world leaders looking to bypass the US dollar. For countries like Iran and North Korea, desperate to get their goods back on the market, it seems cryptocurrencies may become a viable way around the hegemony of the US dollar. And as the nations most affected by a growing series of brutal sanctions and draconian trade tariffs are forced into seeking alternatives, the enforcers of global policy would be missing a golden opportunity if they weren’t themselves already invested in the very currencies available to these ‘enemies’ of the free world.

Donald Trump himself has made a number of remarks regarding Bitcoin (BTC) and the coin market since taking office. While being careful not to take a hard stance for or against the trading of alternative currencies, it is clear that he is watching the markets with some interest. And as his global trade wars escalate, forcing the hand of partners and foes alike, it would stand to reason that Bitcoin will most likely be the coin of choice for rogue nations like Iran and North Korea.

Bitcoin (BTC) is still the undisputed king of the alternative currency market, although Ripple CEO believes it will come to an end. And with the power of name recognition alone, the less savvy players of the developing world may look immediately into the benefits of secure person-to-person transactions available through the world’s best-known cryptocurrency. The delayed transactions and hefty fees the original blockchain is known for can be easily over-looked as nations damaged by sanctions seek to push their products back onto the market.

And if smart contracts are necessary to facilitate the more intricate trading needs of nation-states, Ethereum (ETH) could provide the framework necessary for exchange to occur. While lesser known currencies are quickly developing the means to do Ethereum’s job with less friction, the number two token available to consumers is by far the more recognized currency for legal transactions tracked on the blockchain.

But Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum aren’t the only game in town these days. Ripple (XRP), currently fighting the Securities and Exchange Commission over a series of potential violations, has proven itself quite effective at cross-border transactions where the parties involved may not be holding the US dollar as a preferred medium of exchange. With over one hundred institutions experimenting with the token, it could easily fit the bill for countries looking to trade their goods without the worlds policemen watching too closely.

As the world reels from the sanctions placed on their countries by Trump and the US State Department, the nations most affected may look to the cryptocurrency market as a viable way to navigate around the barriers of US dollar hegemony. Whether with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Ripple (XRP), the benefits of the alternative currency market will allow many nations to create unconventional trade deals, benefitting savvy investors, already hodling the chosen currencies in question.

With these facts in mind, it isn’t hard to imagine Donald Trump (and other members of US leadership) pushing nations further into cryptocurrency markets and driving prices to new highs.

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