We aim to always provide the modern, up to date gambling services and solutions. Such solution that recently grew in popularity immensely is a bitcoin casino deposit. There are more and more cryptocurrency enthusiasts, especially among our customers. That is why we are a bitcoin casino. Providing you with the ability to gamble with bitcoin is something we’ve always wanted to do. We’re going with the spirit of the time, and hopefully, you also do, so you will have a chance to check out our bitcoin bonus. We would also like to help you by explaining the basics of bitcoin casino deposit.

To begin with, there are a few things about bitcoin you should know from the start. The sudden grow of cryptocurrencies popularity is a result of the following factors about bitcoin:

  • It’s safe
  • It’s fast
  • It’s cheap
  • It’s anonymous
  • It’s easy

Most people will agree such traits are perfect for gambling. The current solutions for depositing and withdrawing funds may feel old to players. Some customers at other casinos complain about waiting for withdrawal a lot. However, when you gamble with bitcoin, you can cash out your money and receive them in a matter of seconds. On the top of that, the fees for bitcoin transactions are small. Don’t worry that the bitcoin is expensive. You can divide a single coin to lower amounts. Most customers buy a fraction of bitcoin. It’s common to pay with mBTC (0,001 of bitcoin) or μBTC (0,00001 of bitcoin). If you want to gamble at a bitcoin casino we suggest that you take a closer look at this bitcoin casino guide.

Market’s demand and supply determine the prize of digital currency. From that, there comes the only risk associated with Bitcoin. Its price is fluctuating, so it can rise or drop much more than in the national currencies. That’s because no authority owns bitcoin. It’s open source, peer-to-peer network, and if you have bitcoin money, only you have power over them. You can even lose the bitcoin forever. If you don’t have access to your wallet, no one will. That’s why there are safety measures we will talk about soon.

Hopefully, the above didn’t make you think that the digital currency is a complicated topic. Nevertheless, we would like to prove it’s straightforward to gamble with bitcoin. To get the money, you need to be familiar with the three simple steps below.

1.      Get a bitcoin wallet

Common sense should suggest you to get something to store the money. In case of national currencies, you store small amounts of money in the purse and significant values in a bank. It’s similar with bitcoin, although you cannot save cryptocurrency in a traditional bank. But you may choose a bitcoin wallet that has very high security if you wish to keep larger amounts. You may have another wallet for smaller spending. An example of the highly secure wallet would be the cold storage. It’s an offline purse that can be on your hard drive. There might also be an offline hardware wallet, which provides probably the most significant protection. On the top of that, there are good practices that improve your safety. You can read read about those on the official bitcoin site.

However, if you’re not planning on making large transactions and you’re just starting with cryptos, you can use an online wallet. That’s especially true if you aim just to see how it works with lesser amounts. Then, there are tens of services providing you with a wallet that’s on the website. However, if you go for an online type, choose the mobile purse. In this case, you can download the wallet app on your phone, and have it anywhere you want.  Our recommendation as a starting one is BreadWallet. Easy user-interface, which is suitable for newcomers. It also has an option to be entirely anonymous and a mobile app. Undoubtedly a decent choice for the beginners.

The advanced bitcoin users should realise that choosing the best wallet is a matter of your preferences. Find more information about it here.

2.      Buy bitcoins

Now you may wonder: where do I buy bitcoins? We’ve already mentioned the entire system is similar to stock exchanges. Therefore, you simply purchase bitcoin at an exchange. That’s because to buy bitcoin you need to exchange your national currency for the digital money. We strongly suggest using only the most trustworthy, and the biggest exchanges. You may see the top list of them here. We recommend using Coinbase, which is the biggest website providing such services. It’s a fully regulated institution, so it will ask for your identity before you make transactions. Doing that for increased security is worth it. You may always be anonymous after you transfer the money to your wallet.

All the payment methods at use your bank account. Therefore, linking it to the site is necessary, but it doesn’t take a lot of time. The possible options include credit card payment, bank transfer or wire transfer. The transactions may take a while, depending on what you choose.

3.      Transfer bitcoins to your wallet

The final step is the icing on the cake. Just after it, you may transfer your coins to play at a bitcoin casino. Transferring your coins require you to know the address of the receiver. In case of sending money from exchange to your wallet, you need to copy your wallet’s address and send the money to it. Have in mind that the transactions are irreversible, so double-check the details before finalising it. We’ve covered the entire process in three simple steps:

  1. Copy the address that should receive the money and paste it.
  2. Enter the amount (either in coins or national currency for convenience).
  3. Click send!

You may play at our bitcoin casino just after that. You deposit the money in a similar way. Remember there is a bitcoin bonus that’s waiting for you!

This was a quick guide to how to gamble with bitcoins. We hope you have enjoyed it, be happy get lucky!

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