Almost unnoticed by the Bitcoin community, Bitcoin Gold went live on Sunday. As the developers announced on the website, the team has been able to overcome the initial difficulties caused, among other things, by the attacks on the site and now make it possible to mine the currency.

We look back on a busy weekend in the Bitcoin universe. Bitcoin fell back from its record high in the last week, which it had climbed in anticipation of the SegWit2x Hard Fork, to what many consider appropriate. At the same time, his little brother Bitcoin Cash began a hitherto unprecedented jump, which temporarily helped the cryptocurrency to a market capitalization of over 30 billion US dollars, which Bitcon Cash for a short time even pushed Ethereum from place 2.

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All in all, a third event almost went under: the official launch of Bitcoin Gold, which was completed on Sunday. Originally scheduled for November 1, the network was delayed indefinitely due to the unexpected DDoS attacks aimed at overburdening the IT infrastructure. The problems now seem to be getting under control so that Bitcoin Gold can be gemined from now on. This was announced by the BTG developers on the website.

Thus, after the actual separation from the Bitcoin blockchain now the formal start of Bitcoin Gold was completed. Until Sunday, the developers had the new Coin gemined in the back room to the exclusion of the community. Shortly before the Hard Fork in October, options had already been traded for BTG, which had fallen rapidly from a starting value of around $ 500 to a steady low level of $ 120-150 after the bumpy start. After the announcement of the next step in the form of the opening for miners, the BTG rate rose briefly from November 10 back to a value of 500 US dollars, but fell until Monday evening, again below the 300 mark.