The future of the digital coin in the Netherlands will be debated from 30 June to 1 July 2017 at a conference in Arnhem, near Amsterdam. Numerous representatives of the Bitcoin world as well as developers will discuss the scaling solutions, implementations and the future of Bitcoin in their own country.

Arnhem is known as the world’s Bitcoin friendliest city. More than 100 Bitcoin accepting traders can be found in the approximately 155,000 capital of the province of Gelderland.

The employment on the future of bitcoin could therefore not only concern the Netherlands. In any case, the crypt diet appears to be gradually arriving in Europe. The real game of bitcoin is not played in Europe, but in Asia. A bit of bitcoin in Germany failed last month, at least at the Bundesbank level. Nevertheless, the change seems almost unstoppable. Japan is still a pioneer, but a possible “pulling” on a European side in terms of an official payment and an expansion of acceptance might be faster than expected.

Prominent contributors are: the Facebook developer Amaury Sechet, the developer of the social network Yours and former Reddit developer Ryan X. Charles, the Russian blockchain researcher Nikita Zhavoronkov, the BitCrust developer Tomas van der Wamsen, the parity bitcoin Developer Marek Kotewicz, the Bitcoin XT developer Dagur Valberg Johansson and others. Core developers, blockstream employees are just as well represented as Offchain solutions as the Lightning network. According to rumors, the alleged Satoshi Craig Stephen Wright will be present, but this is highly speculative. Also with the presence of further Chinese Miner, Roger Ver as well as numerous other Bitcoin pioneers may be expected.

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