Binance continues to add more features to its growing futures exchange offering by adding a BTC coin- margined perpetual contract with up to 125x leverage.

Compared to traditional futures contracts, where traders are bound to execute the deal on a set date without consideration of the market conditions, perpetual contracts do not expire. This allows traders to hold their positions continually. 

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Margin trading allows you to trade higher amounts than your current balance by borrowing funds from the brokerage to buy the asset. In most cases, these loans are denominated in traditional currencies like the US dollar or euro.

The new Binance derivatives are priced and margined in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instead of the regular way of using traditional currencies. What’s more, it also puts cryptocurrencies at the same level as FIAT and shows the growing interest in futures margined and settled with Bitcoin. 

Binance’s perpetual Bitcoin-priced futures let you leverage your trade up to 125x. 

In a press statement, Aaron Gong, VP of Binance Futures, mentioned that the exchange offers traders exclusive flexibility with this update.

He said:

We are the only exchange that offers users flexible control of their margin balance by either spreading it across all their open positions or setting individual limits for each position they own (cross or isolate margin modes), as well as the ability to switch their margin modes at any time. Our users can also choose to hold one direction (i.e. long or short) or both directions at the same time for hedging.

The new option will be integrated into other futures programs like coins-Ⓜ futures referral program, coin-Ⓜ futures market maker program, and the broker partner program.

Users can now select any of these options when trading futures contracts on Binance:

COIN-margined futures contracts

  • Quarterly Futures: quarterly expiration and settlement, with leverage of up to 125x
  • Perpetual Futures: perpetual swaps with no expiration, with leverage of up to 125x

USDT-margined futures contracts

  • Perpetual Futures: perpetual swaps with no expiration, with leverage of up to 125x

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