A set of Diamond Hands ring collection with engravement of Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto

DESIRED’s new edition, the Diamond Hands collection, is a pacesetter in physical asset tokenization. Created by Roman Burch and Yevgeniy Sarayev, Diamond Hands is dedicated to the crypto world. Burch was inspired by the history of Bitcoin, and its added value to the world economy. He adopted Bitcoin history and impact as a concept for Diamond Hands, and translated into a physical item, an IBWT (In Bitcoin We Trust) Ring.

Diamond Hands features 100 Bitcoin-inspired rings made out of gold and fitted with diamonds and emeralds. This tokenized ring was created as a tribute to bitcoin and cryptocurrency, it includes a bonding curve that raises the item’s price by 6 percent every time a sale is made. 

Burch and Sarayev have no doubts that Diamond Hands is setting a pace which many brands will adopt with a sales mechanism that increases value and profitability.

What is Diamond Hands?

Diamond Hands is an exclusive jewelry edition by Roman Burch, CEO (and DESIRED founder), and Yevgeniy Sarayev, CTO. It is a tokenized collection of Bitcoin-inspired rings, a limited collection from DESIRED. It was created to portray the values of Bitcoin, and translate the concept into a physical item. Its form is a circle shape that represents the new world, showing the history and evolution of cryptocurrency.

Each piece in the Diamond Hands collection has the name of Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, engraved on the right side of the ring. This engravement reflects the fundamental meaning of the crypto world. It is a modern Bitcoin symbol crafted as a piece of creative art. 

Origin of Diamond Hands 

Diamond Hands’ ideology stems from projects already known by the creator, Sarayev, who sourced much of his inspiration from the first crypto video he watched from DaVinci. The creators were inspired by champion rings such as the NBA and NHK. Picking only the best-selling edition, they crafted a unique tokenized design which is traded on Uniswap for limited edition tokens. 

Diamond Hands depicts a careful study of the new wealth creation via the blockchain. The non-fungible tokens offered a platform to bring this great concept and idea into reality via the crypto world. NFTs make highly appreciable items, like the Diamond Hands collection, a unique value that cannot be interchanged. 

Diamond Hands assigned token IBWT (In Bitcoin We Trust) is available on Uniswap, holders of this token can purchase the physical ring when they redeem.

Burch and Sarayev understood tokenization and decided to bring real physical value to the concept. They created a tokenized edition and named the collection after a popular meme, Diamond Hands, with the aim to promote crypto adoption and the importance of jewelry in the modern world.


Diamond Hands portrays both value and profitability, offering IBWT holders a new way of earning. Early adopters have opportunities to maximize profits and earn more as items are sold, making this platform more profitable than most others.

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