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Online gambling is one of the favorite pastimes for many. The increasing presence of cryptocurrency-based

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Online gambling is one of the favorite pastimes for many.  The increasing presence of cryptocurrency-based gambling platforms has made the whole process of placing bets and winning jackpots much more exciting. Bitcoin Video Casino is one of those platforms that enriches the gambling experience by offering popular games inspired by the classic Video Poker machines in Las Vegas.

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Bitcoin Video Casino is known for its impressive payouts. It has lately offered a 259.74 BTC jackpot to one of its customers. The anonymous player identified only as “#28ea0d38e1” made a fortune, worth at least €259,399 (as per the value of Bitcoin at that time) by placing a bet of 0.1 BTC on Bitcoin Video Casino’s popular Slots game. The huge jackpot payout on Bitcoin Video Casino doesn’t come as a surprise as the cryptocurrency gambling platform is known for offering the best odds in the industry.

bitcoin-pr-buzz-bitcoin-video-casino-jackpotThe expected return rate on Bitcoin Video Casino is set at 99.5%, with the house edge of no more than 0.5%. The house edge on Bitcoin Video Casino is sometimes much lesser than 0.5% depending on the games played. Bitcoin Video Casino has a long history of huge Bitcoin jackpot payouts. The highest payout stands at 765.65 BTCs for a 0.2 BTC bet paid out in May 2014. The list of top payouts is available under the “Big Wins” section on Bitcoin Video Casino.

Bitcoin Video Casino has a broad range of games to offer the online gambling community. The games offered on the platform includes Slots, Video Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Dice, Craps, and Keno. All games on the platform are provably fair, and payouts are issued instantly to the winners. Those wishing to stay anonymous on Bitcoin Video Casino can easily do so as it supports anonymous betting option. One doesn’t have to register on the platform to be able to wager few bitcoins with the intention of making a fortune.

The casino platform also offers a way for people to make money without actually placing bets. All they have to do is leverage on the attractive referral program and spread the word about Bitcoin Video Casino.

Bitcoin Video Casino continues to give away huge jackpots, and one can expect more players to make a fortune by wagering their cryptocurrency on the platform.

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