There are quite a few Bitcoin wallets which have a difficult decision to make Supporting SegWit2x is a very serious concept that needs to be thought through thoroughly. Bread, an SPV wallet for Android and iOS, has come up with an interesting plan. They will let users decide whether or not this hard fork needs to be supported. A rather unusual approach, to say very least, but it also makes a lot of sense.

A lot of Bitcoin wallets have not clarified their stance regarding SegWit2x. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering this split is still weeks away. However, there are some companies actively working on a contingency plan as we speak. Without built-in replay protection, there is no reason to support this fork. However, SPV wallet Bread wants to leave that choice in the users’ hands.

Bread Takes a Surprising Stance

Mobile users will have heard of Bread before. The SPV Bitcoin wallet is available for both iOS and Android users as we speak. The company has built up a solid reputation and they are one of the top mobile wallets available today. However, when it comes to the SegWit2x fork, their decision is not straightforward. A lot of users have questions, which is only to be expected. Some companies will pick one camp over the other, effectively forcing their opinion upon the users.

This is why Bread wants to let users decide on this fork outcome. More specifically, users can tether their wallets to nodes of their choosing. Those who do not will automatically follow the blockchain with the most mining support. The tethering aspect is pretty interesting, as it lets users swap between both blockchains if needed. This seemingly confirms the mobile wallet will natively support both currencies from the day of the fork as well.

It is an interesting turn of events in the Bitcoin world. More often than not, regular users have no real say in these matters. They have to follow miners or the economic support. Bread is setting a very unusual precedent in this regard, although it is rather commendable. We can only hope more wallets and service providers follow their lead when it comes to decisions of this magnitude. It is highly doubtful that will happen, though.

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