According to a forecast by Jeremy Liew and Peter Smith a bitcoin is to be worth over 500,000 dollars by 2030.

Bitcoin does not need any idea, it is the crypt diet with the highest market capital, a huge community and miners, who now work with a hashrate of 3 EH / s. For several months, Bitcoin has continued to show a strong positive award, which raised the bitcoin rate to more than $ 1,000.

Now, forecasts have been presented, according to which the crypt diet should rise to a price of 500,000 dollars within the next thirteen years.

One of these forecasts came from Jeremy Liew and Peter Smith and was published in Business Insider. Jeremy was the first investor of Snapchat and Peter Smith is the founder and CEO of the crypto company Blockchain.
Background to the assessment of bitcoins

Their prediction is justified by Bitcoin adoption: the market for transfers has grown by 100% per cent over the last fifteen years, so there is a big market for Bitcoin-based global transactions.

But there is another reason: the politically explosive times in the United States and in the UK, for example, are also expected to lead to a stronger increase in people’s ownership of Bitcoin. As you can see from the examples in China, Venezuela or India, such a hedge has already begun: The system, which allows people to make financial security without a bank account, is Bitcoin.

The ever-increasing use of mobile devices helps people to use the appropriate services. In the coming years, Bitcoin is expected to account for 50% of smartphone-based transactions.

According to the forecasts of Liew and Smith, the Bitcoin network is to grow by 6100% by 2030. With more than 20 million Bitcoin available and a dramatic increase in users, the value of Bitcoin should have reached an all-time high in 2030 according to this scenario.

Naturally, the often-discussed scaling problem must be solved for such a high acceptance of bitcoin as payment means. If there is no solution here, you will look for other cryptos. But by 2030 there is still a lot of time – and with some efforts like SegWit some are concerned about the scaling problem.

It is, of course, the time to show whether the assessment is really realistic. Either way, it is interesting if well-known people in magazines, which do not belong to the usual Bitcoin / Blockchain magazines, present such a daring thesis.

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