The 21st century has provided advertisers with programmatic retargeting solutions which often lead to great engagement between producers and potential clients.

For businesses to compete in today’s digital landscape, they need to establish an online presence. Marketing managers would effectively scale campaigns across social media platforms, market digitally across multiple platforms, and integrate both online and offline marketing. The inclusion of essential digital marketing techniques helps draw customers to their products. Perhaps the most essential, communication professionals would invest their time and resources towards creating campaigns based on deeper understanding of their target audience. However, coupled with the rise of ad-blockers, it’s apparent that businesses need to innovate the way they learn from their potential customers.

Fostering an effective communication plan between a brand and the customer is important for staying relevant in today’s society which is constantly progressing. Keeping up to date with how your potential customer’s habit is equally relevant to any business’ growth. Recognizing this, Bitcomo developed a cutting-edge concept that will be ideal for online advertising, where advertisers will use the platform to better analyze the data collected from web users. Bitcomo, presale already live and ends on 1st December, is a decentralized affiliate marketing network based on the blockchain.

The main purpose of the Bitcomo concept is lead generation. The platform creates a stream of requests from potential customers for advertised products. The principle implemented, pay per action model, is an innovative approach to the Cost per Action model which is most popular with advertisers since it is performance based. An advertiser performs product integration simply by providing the link to the product with a post-back script to promote on affiliate networks. The target actions include product purchases, website registration, and other variables depending on the advertiser’s needs. Thus, revenue will be generated on a Cost Per Action basis.

So why use blockchain technology? Blockchain allows Bitcomo to simplify its administrative work and reduce its associated costs through effective use of smart contracts. All data regarding the leads are stored in the blockchain’s nodes. This allows Bitcomo to automate the entire process and enable advertisers to set up nodes, mine transactions in real time and track them. This helps promote transparency while preventing fraud and enhancing trust among network members. An ICO investment into Bitcomo can be promoted to publishers and webmasters as well as affiliate program participants who can claim bounty tokens throughout the entire ICO period.

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