Cryptocurrency market data provider Nomics has announced that decentralized exchange (DEX) BitShares has completed a ‘deep data integration’ with the platform and earned an A+ Transparency Rating

BOSTON and MINNEAPOLIS, — Nomics, a provider of cryptocurrency market cap and pricing data, has announced that decentralized crypto exchange BitShares has completed a “deep data integration” with the platform and is now an A+ Verified Exchange. This means that Nomics has vetted BitShares’ trade history and verifies that it meets the highest standards of reliability, consistency, and data integrity.

“By many credible accounts, BitShares is the first decentralized crypto exchange to operate at scale. Given the exchange’s importance to the ecosystem, we’re pleased to have them as one of our premier exchange partners,” said Nomics CEO Clay Collins. “BitShares will be listed on our crypto exchanges index as an A+ Verified Exchange, where it will join other top-rated DEXs like SparkDEX, IDEX, and Switcheo.” Collins added that Nomics is “impressed by BitShares’ commitment to transparency and auditability.”

As an A+ Verified Exchange, BitShares receives a badge signifying that it is “fully transparent” with respect to trade data granularity and history. The badge appears next to BitShares on the exchange index page and alongside every offered exchange market.

With the integration, normalized BitShares market data becomes available to all users of the website and the Nomics cryptocurrency and market data API. Users of the Nomics commercial API also get access to every trade for every BitShares trading pair dating back to the inception of those markets. 

About BitShares

BitShares is a decentralized crypto exchange that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies as well as traditional instruments by converting them to BitAssets, BitShares (BTS) tokens that are pegged to real-world markets.

About Nomics

Based in Boston and Minneapolis, is an API-first market cap and pricing data company delivering services to institutional crypto investors and exchanges.

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