NORTHAMPTON, THE UK, February 6th, 2018 – A new cryptocurrency platform that “that depends on the community, for the community”, is poised to bring about a revolution to the way that cryptocurrency is traded all around the globe. Bitto Exchange, the newly-established cryptocurrency platform, has made its online debut amidst great anticipation from the cryptocurrency investor community, who have long looked for an alternative to the mainstream trading platforms that are infamously plagued by various troubleshooting and security issues.

“Bitto Exchange users will have access to six core service models – Signal trading, lending, proof of stake, borrowing, a referral programme, and cryptocurrency trading option” said Mr. Nic Chin, Bitto Exchange’s Co-Founder.

The platform’s unique value proposition is its peer-to-peer lending feature, which allows users to borrow from other users, without the need of a third-party trustee, or the fear of losing their cryptocurrency assets. Borrowers’ cryptocurrencies are used as collateral, while they receive the full amount of their loan in FIAT which are deposited directly in their bank account, while, upon successful loan repayment, borrowers regain their assets in full.

The company is currently running is ICO, selling its proprietary token, the Bitto coin, at $1 each. What makes the Bitto coin stand out is the fact that it provides a high level of fraud protection, a strong support team, faster, and cheaper transactions than those using BTC.

At the time of writing, those backing the ICO can benefit from a 22.5% bonus on their coin purchase.

“We are quickly surpassing each ICO milestone, and we are proud to announce that more than $1.1 million Bitto coins have already been sold. Once the $1.5 million threshold is surpassed, we will enable the Bitto Exchange platform’s staking feature, which will allow users to earn Bitto coins on a daily basis. The future is bright for Bitto, and we are thankful for each and every ICO backer that trusts in our vision for safer and more efficient cryptocurrency trading.”

Those interested in purchasing Bitto coins can do so through here. The company’s whitepaper can be read in this dedicated web page.


To learn more about Bitto Exchange, please visit: or

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Company Name: Bitto Exchange

Address: 400 Pavilion Dr,


NN4 7PA,

Country: UK

Email: [email protected]

Contact Person: Nic Chin

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