– Korea Investment Partners and SBI Investment Korea participated in this investment.

– Accelerating the development of new dApps and marketplace.

SEOUL, South Korea, — Leading Blockchain Game Development company, SuperTree Co. Ltd, (SuperTree, CEO Choi Sungwone) announced on the 21st that it has successfully attracted a total of 3 billion won in Series A investment.

SuperTree is a startup specializing in the development of Blockchain games, consisting of a core team with significant experience in the gaming industry such as NHN, Netmarble, NCSOFT and ItemBay.

The investment involved two large venture capital firms, Korea Investment Partners, the country’s largest venture capital, and SBI Investment Korea. The investment will be used to secure IPs for popular games and develop technologies for blockchain gaming, while focusing on upgrading the development of Blockchain game service platform PlayDapp.

SuperTree is a main player in developing successful global popular dApp games, CryptoDozer and DozerBird, both of which were launched in the Samsung blockchain Wallet last year and introduced at SDC19 (Samsung Developer Conference) in the U.S. The company is currently developing a game tournament platform called “PlayDapp,” which enables real-time competition, as well as C2C Market Place, which allows users to directly trade items on a blockchain.

SBI Investment Korea Director Lee Joo-hyuk said, “It is expected that the game industry’s use of blockchain technology will become active around the world. In fact, Ripple, which ranks third in the market value of cryptocurrency in March last year, raised $100 million to accelerate the adoption of blockchain in the blockchain game platform Forte (CEO Kevin Chu) and the game industry. “We are expecting the value of dApp and the blockchain game service platform ‘PlayDapp’ which SuperTree is developing to increase further,” he said.

“Through this investment, we are planning to increase the level of development of C2C marketplaces and tournaments that are under development and to reach commercialization soon after going through verification at home and abroad,” said Choi Sungwone, CEO of SuperTree. “Based on our experience in the game industry over the past 20 years, we will grow into a global NO.1 company that leads the industry with differentiated competitiveness and exceptional execution.”

SBI Investment and Korea Investment Partners, which decided on the investment, have been making successful investments in Korea’s largest venture capital, healthcare, IT, mobile, B2C, content and blockchain, respectively, established in 1986 and 2003.

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SOURCE SuperTree Co., Ltd.

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