The Problem

There is a massive problem in real estate. Non US investors are largely unable to invest in properties within the US due to complications in connectivity. Language barriers and discrepancies in legislation complicate this space.

For instance, China, the biggest foreign investor in United States properties, is largely unavailable to invest in American real estate due to inaccessibility to even a broker within the United States.

The Product

Propy solves this problem. Propy allows its users to buy or sell investment properties across boarders through a sleek and intuitive mobile application.

Founded as a technology startup, Propy initially tackled this problem using a traditional platform connecting buyers, sellers, and investors. However, within the last year the company pivoted to integrate the blockchain into its product. As a result, the payments and flow of information proves much smoother and instantaneous.

Second home buyers can view an inspection tour from the confines of their own home via Google Glass VR. Propy rates local real estate agents and brokers for its users to select an optimal match. And finally, a booking of the property occurs and the transaction is made.

According to their site, detailed information on apartments, townhouses, villas and houses for sale in various countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, France, Emirates, Russia will be given along with valuable statistics and analytics available in the languages of the major overseas property buyers: English, Arab, Russian and others.


Propy just opened up their gates for their ICO on August 15th, and will close the round on September 15th. Visit here to invest and be a part of a fundamental change in the way real estate investing is made.

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