Recently, the partnership between BOSCH and IOTA became known. Bosch invested heavily in the IOTA Foundation not only economically, but also with Brain Power. Now Bosch has introduced the next commercial IoT hardware, the wireless sensor: XDK-110.

The XDK110 is a wireless sensor device that enables rapid prototyping of sensor-based products and applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). This allows the user a step between the first hardware prototype and series production, or simply the first compact prototype. The device has been designed to allow Bosch to easily customize the product for mass production and individual sensor needs. The XDK110 gives users the opportunity to try out the advanced programming on the device itself, to realize a sensor that processes data and reports events rather than simply transmitting raw data.

This universal programmable sensor unit and prototyping platform incorporates built-in sensors including an acceleration sensor, an acoustic sensor, a digital light sensor, a gyroscope, a humidity sensor, a magnetometer, a pressure sensor, and a temperature sensor in a single device.

How could IOTA now be integrated into the Bosch XDK project? We have also asked ourselves this question and present a possible scenario …

One of the most anticipated and probably one of IOTA’s most unique modules is Masked Authenticated Messaging. MAM allows sensors and other devices to encrypt entire data streams and anchor them in the IOTA Tangle in a quantum-safe manner. Only authorized persons can read and reconstruct the entire data stream. In essence, it works much like a radio that only those with the right frequency can hear, with MAM only those with the right channel ID get access to the data. In the future, MAM could also be applied in sectors such as Supply Chain, Banking and Industry 4.0.

The exchange of information could be extended to the data marketplace, where various buyers, both affiliates and individuals, can request the requested information collected by the XDK network building on the Tangle and pay for it with IOTA.

The Foundation’s data marketplace has already demonstrated its functionality in an earlier private beta, which was attended by Microsoft, Samsung, Orange, Volkswagen and many other major industrial companies.

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