Botnets and the Deep Web

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A bot is a special form of malware that is considered one of today’s most sophisticated tools of cybercrime. They enable hackers to control a large number of computers simultaneously, and turn them into an army of “zombie” machines, that operate collectively as a powerful “botnet” to create spam, and commit various forms of malicious activities.

What is a botnet?

A botnet is usually comprised of a large number of infected victim machines located across various parts of the globe. Given the fact that botnet infected machines will perform the computational operations ordered by its master, these victim machines are sometimes referred to as “zombies”. The hacker that controls these botnets is known as a botmaster or a botherder.

Some botnets are composed of a few hundred or a few thousands of victim machines, while others may reach up to 500,000 of zombies at the disposal of their botmasters. In most cases, the victim won’t even known that his/her machine is infected with a bot. Some possible manifestations of a bot infection include slowing down of your computer, display of strange messages or even total crash of your machine.

Bots are usually

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