The cryptocurrency industry is gaining a lot of traction in the recent days. However, despite these developments, the market continues to be volatile and unpredictable. It is mainly due to the virtual nature of the crypto assets, which makes it unreliable in the eyes of traditional investors. But Brickblock is here to change that by facilitating the use of cryptocurrency for investments in real-world assets.

Brickblock, keeping up with its mission and timeline has already launched the alpha version of its platform. On this live version, users can experience the innovative way of investing, first hand.

Some of the investment opportunities offered by Brickblock includes Real Estate Funds (REFs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Crypto Funds (CFs).  The main benefit?  You can directly invest cryptocurrency without exchanging it into fiat currency first. This model will also save the users from hefty transaction and compliance fees that are otherwise incurred with traditional investments.

With the alpha version now live, users will be able to test few of the investment opportunities that will be on offer when the company starts selling tokenized property in December. However, the users will first need to install a MetaMask extension for your Chrome or Firefox browsers. You’ll then be able to purchase 1 ETH to test on the live platform.

The “invest” tab on the left will show all the available properties to invest in. The user will be able to click on each property to view its specifications.

Those interested can click on the “funding” tab on the right to see the price per Proof-of-Asset token (PoA), which will be the actual price per share of the property.  The “tokens funded” displays the number of tokens of the property that have been sold so far, whereas the “tokens available” amount is the number of tokens that are still for sale.

By clicking on “calculate invest”, users will be able to decide how much Ether they would like to invest and the number of PoA tokens they will be receiving for their respective investment in ETH. It further calculates the annual passive income the investment will generate for the user and the total value of the investment in next 5 years.

Once convinced, the potential investor can simply click the blue “invest now” button and become part of the investor club for that particular project.  All transactions on the Brickblock alpha platform will be processed on the Ropsten Testnet blockchain, as it is currently meant for testing purposes.

The current alpha version has certain limitations.  However, it should show users what to expect from the official launch.  Also, it gives users a chance to provide feedback and comments in order for the platform to be perfected before its launch.

The platform’s public ICO is scheduled for the 31st of October until the 21st of November.  Users who register for the whitelist will receive a bonus of up to 10%.

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