The Russian Bitcoin exchange BTC-e is back online after one month. The ecurrency exchange was shut down last month by the US authorities due to money laundering.

The site is now available again, but at a different address:

Some users have complained that they can not log in. This may mean that certain countries, including the US, are blocked. It was also reported that a VPN could help circumvent this geoblock.

So far it looks as if users are only limited to chatting and checking their wallets. In a Bitcoin TalkPost on Wednesday, representatives of the stock market explained that further functions will come with the new re-launch of BTC-e. The rebranding of BTC-e is done in a regulated environment by the new investment company.

After the BTC-e domain was frozen by the American authorities, the remaining employees of BTC-e used an old Bitcoin-Talk account to report on the latest developments on the stock market.

It has already been announced by BTC-e that a debt token will be issued for compensating the confiscated coins.

After restarting the website, the site operators have recommended to reset or update the security settings.

The recommendation states: “As the data has been confiscated, there is a high probability that the data will be compromised. This is the reason that the safety settings must be reset to ensure safety “.