It may be difficult to issue a product that has so little to do with the name of the company, but it is as interesting as Mobi by BTCChina, a multi-currency wallet based on bitcoin with its own blockchain.

BTCChina is actually a Bitcoin stock market, founded by the American Bobby Lee especially for the Chinese market. With Mobi, a wallet for Android and iOS, the company is now releasing a product that has more to do with Euro and Dollar than with Bitcoin and nothing to do with China. Mobi is a new global multicurrency wallet that makes it easy to use bitcoins as money by sending them in more than 100 currencies, sending them in real-time to Twitter Accounts or mobile phone numbers, and optionally with a debit card , Where visas are accepted. ”

With Mobi you can then switch something that has begun as Bitcoin into more than 100 currencies – including dollars, euro, pound, gold, silver and bitcoin, but not a Chinese yuan – and worldwide phone numbers and twitter accounts. The transactions are processed – now it becomes exciting – on the private blockchain of BTCChina, on request also on the bitcoin blockchain to leave the wallet.

This is an extremely exciting product. A blockchain, on the servers of BTCChina, which transfers all sorts of money to mobile phones and Twitter accounts. If the fees are low and there are many participants, this will certainly be practical. How exactly the private blockage works and how the currencies of the currencies are bypassed, should be interesting to find out. Everyone who travels regularly is sure to find Mobi practical.

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