BYZANTIUM ICO Agency has finished this year with more than 12,000 BTC collected for their clients as well as 1000 media publications and thousands of ICO investors attracted.

This Year is Over…

In 2017 BYZANTIUM has successfully provided their services to some the most promising ICOs, including Crypviser, CryptoPing, Goldmint, Mircomoney, Naga Token Sale and Bankex. Moreover, they worked with The Token Fund. Projects received a range of services including:

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Marketing & PR
  • Community management & Support
  • Branding & Web-development

As a result, in more than 12,000 BTC were gathered (in total for all projects based on the sum collected on the last day of the token sale converted to BTC in accordance to exchange rates).

BYZANTIUM generated more than 1000 crypto and investing media publications for their clients as well as attracted thousands of ICO investors to their projects.

In terms of business development, BYZANTIUM Agency has attracted big crypto “stars” – prominent figures in both crypto and blockchain spaces – as advisors and investors to their clients.

BYZANTIUM specializes in PPC advertising, providing paid advertising services for both social media and searching engines. Thus, clients get thousands of precisely picked conversions with great conversion rates and smart optimization. Moreover, BYZANTIUM negotiated and organized more than 50 strategic partnerships on behalf of their clients (like partnerships with Bancor, Cointelegraph etc.).

Let’s pay particular attention to the last two projects BYZANTIUM has had this year. NAGA and Bankex have collected $50 million and $66 million, respectively, during their ICOs. BYZANTIUM managed to bring more than 60 thousand backers to NAGA making it the second biggest ICO in terms of backers up to date. The key formula for the Agency’s success – and what makes it so unique – is the deep level of immersion into the team of a project it works with and the results speak for themselves.

…And Now a NewYear is About to Begin!

Now that this year has ended, BYZANTIUM ICO Agency is preparing to offer to future clients a whole array of different services:

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • PPC advertising in social media and search engines
  • Marketing & PR
  • Community Management & Support
  • Branding & Web-development
  • Business Development
  • VC Support and Pitches
  • Roadshow Creation & Conferences Organization

The key value proposition of the Agency is the ability of the core team to integrate itself with the client’s team and become a part of the existing functional entity to be able to provide as much value for the project as possible. Thus, the Agency provides not only consulting services but integrates themselves with the projects they are working with.

It is important to mention that BYZANTIUM works with no more than 2 clients at a time in order to maintain high KPIs and optimum efficiency, which is uncommon nowadays due to the fact that most agencies work as ICO boxes providing their services to several projects at a time, which usually results in poor quality and low conversion rates.


BYZANTIUM is a Leading Token Sale Consulting Agency founded by a team of professionals with backgrounds in blockchain technology, investing, PR, and marketing. The core team consists of 17 members, however, the Agency also utilizes the services of skilled subcontractors as well. This “marketing army” can convert any promising project into a super successful one.

The co-founders of BYZANTIUM, Peter Bel and Max Uperyaka, have impressive backgrounds and credentials. Peter was among the first members of the CoinTelegraph team. Together with Max, they managed traffic and PR on the Humaniq project that turned out to be a big success. After that, they founded BYZANTIUM and began as a marketing agency, which transformed into an ICO Agency. Thus, now it not only provides full-cycle ICO services but also attracts private and institutional investors.

BYZANTIUM also owns, an event tracker that can help everyone keep track of the latest blockchain events happening around the world. It’s completely free of charge to use.

So, if you have a promising project with an existing product, thought out tokenomics, as well as a really cool idea in mind, and you are planning on doing an ICO – feel free to contact BYZANTIUM via an email: [email protected] or Telegram: @bzntm to start the cooperation ASAP!

Images courtesy of BYZANTIUM

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